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Edward Markey, Madeleine Dean accused of wearing abortion ‘heart’ pin

Two Congressional Democrats were accused of atrocities during their State of the Union address for wearing lapel pins with the word “abortion” in the first “o” in the shape of a heart, a symbol of “love.” was accused of

Senator Edward Markey of Massachusetts and Rep. Madeleine Dean of Pennsylvania posted pictures of themselves wearing “abortion” pins, courtesy of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, ahead of President Biden’s speech on Tuesday.

“I say the word and wear the word,” Dean wrote on Twitter. “Abortion care is health care. Abortion care saves lives.”

Markey tweeted: Abortion is essential medicine and we need to codify this right. “

While supporters thanked lawmakers online for wearing the pin, which sells for $10 on Planned Parenthood’s website, pro-life supporters and others were taken aback.

Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America responded “SICK”, while other commentators called the pin “genuinely wicked”, “terrifying”, “vile”, “gross” and “terrifying”.

“I support abortion rights because I think Americans deserve them. It’s terrifying,” one commented.

Obianuju Ekeocha, founder of Culture of Life Africa, tweeted to Markey: [an] An abortion pin that shows you love abortions. You are an evil depraved man. “

Christian Broadcasting Network columnist Billy Hallowell asked: The obsession with this issue – trying to raise it to a sacramental level – is very disturbing and tragic. “

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson called Congressional Democrats “ghouls” on Wednesday’s show.

“Look at this pin that has replaced the American flag on the lapel. They literally love abortions,” Carlson said. “Okay, let’s put the politics aside and ask a straight question: Who likes abortions?”

He continued: Do you think abortion is a wonderful positive act? “

A Republican on the House Judiciary Committee tweeted that he was “disgusted,” prompting a counterargument from Mr. Markey.

“What’s abhorrent is the Republican obsession with trying to control people’s bodies,” Markey said.

Several left-wing commenters countered, noting that some House Republicans were spotted wearing AR-15 lapel pins, courtesy of Republican Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde. Did. Constitution. “ Edward Markey, Madeleine Dean accused of wearing abortion ‘heart’ pin

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