Early schedule gives Knicks a source of concern for COVID-19

Knicks received a lump of coal from the league when the schedule was announced last week, as COVID-19’s violence and travel were considered a major risk during the holidays.

The first half of the 72-game schedule is over, and 12 of the first 19 Knicks games are in progress. This includes the Western Swing in late January to Golden State, Sacramento, Portland and Utah.

The NBA protocol has been introduced for road travel, including staying in the hotel, and Knicks is reading better.

“When the schedule is announced every year, I think every coach feels like they have the worst schedule in the league,” Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau said on Monday. “If you have a lot of road games early on, that means you have a lot of home games later. Whatever we have to face, we are excited about the opportunity and we The challenge for us is to be ready. We are playing with a good team. It will be a good measure for us. “

Knicks will open in Indiana on December 23 and will play five of the first seven games on the street. The post reported that Sunday’s MSG network broadcasters Mike Breen and Walt Frazier are unlikely to go out to road games first, instead playing games from a studio in New York. The NBA is discouraging broadcast teams from trekking into road contests.

The organization is “extremely concerned because it is so serious” that travelers are infected with COVID-19, Mr. Tibodo. “I think it’s important to follow the protocol,” he added. “Obviously, I’m very worried about what’s happening in the country.”

So far, after two days of group practice Kevin KnoxThe 2018 lottery will start a poor second season. Tibodo said the small forward was “pressing” to prove himself last season.

“He’s been doing really good practice for two days so far,” said Tibodo. “I hope he can keep it for a long time, but he’s a young guy who needs to get better. Look at the shots he took last year, the shots he took that I quantify as good shots. So he made them, so I think he started pressing and took tough shots. When Kevin Knox takes good shots, he’ll make them. “

Combo guard Austin RiversThe crotch, signed as a free agent last month, has been pulled and is actually restricted. It seems doubtful that he will be ready for his first pre-season game in Detroit on Friday. Knicks typically creates space for some training camp groups that are the subject of G League action.

Sources confirm that they may add former Kings and Trail Blazers tycoons Skal LabissilePlayed as a team president Leon roseFavorite school, Kentucky. Westchester Knicks could join a group of teams and play a short season in the Atlanta bubble, according to sources.

Early schedule gives Knicks a source of concern for COVID-19

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