Eagles stunned their attack for “broken” Carson Wentz

The Eagles are doing their best to help Carson Wentz succeed within his limits.

Confidential sources close to the Eagles are trying to wastefully design Philadelphia coaching staff to reduce the burden on struggling signalers, where performance this season is the responsibility of the team. I told NJ Advance Media.

“Carson is a broken quarterback,” sources said. “Even when he throws a good ball, he is wise and unconfident.”

The 27-year-old fifth-year QB completed 220 (58.4%) of the 377 trials this season with the NFL leading 2,326 yards, 24 touchdowns and 14 intercepts. This ties his career height (2016) in just 10 games. He led the team to a 3-6-1 record. The three victories were against the 49ers team Giants and Cowboys, led by Nick Morens.

Wentz minimizes the time spent in their pockets without having to carry out the progress that is the problem this year, as their strategy is to ensure that the receiver is open immediately. can do. The Eagles’ aggressive line allows an average of four sack per game. This was the last to be ranked in the NFL and has a visible impact on his confidence.

Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz
Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Carson WentzGetty Images

The team was injured early on, with Miles Sanders, Dallas Gedelt, Zack Elts, Jalen Leaguer, Alchon Jeffery and DeSean Jackson all absent this year. Elts and Jackson are still on the injured list, but others are back and appear to have had little impact on the Eagles attack. Wentz is, in fact, starting to favor more recent veteran pass catchers, the tight-end Dallas Gedelt and Richard Rodgers, than Travis Fulgam and Jalen Leaguer.

“”[Wentz] I trust the tight end more than the wide receiver. “

Despite Wentz’s struggle, head coach Doug Peterson continues to stick to his decision not to switch to Jalen Hurts in the second round of 2020 while the team is in first place.

“If you get there, whether you start him or put him on the bench, you’re sending the wrong message to the football team that the season is over. That’s a bad message,” Pederson said after the 11th week of the Eagles. Told. Defeat to Browns. “We have to get over this. When the times get tough, sometimes it can be easy (changing quarterbacks) .. Jalen prepares to play every week. Backup quarterback is what you should do.

“I didn’t consider the progress and elements of the game, and because we were really scoring back on this. [making a quarterback change].. No questions about it, [Wentz is] Our starter. “

Wentz has signed a four-year $ 128 million contract extension prior to the 2019 season. According to Spotrac, he will carry a $ 34.7 million salary cap hit and a $ 59.2 million dead cap hit in 2021. These numbers fell to $ 31.3 million and $ 24.5 million in 2022, $ 36.3 million and $ 15.3 million in 2023, and $ 32 million and $ 6 million in 2024, and he changed jobs in the short term. There is no hope of doing so.

The Eagles will take first place in the NFC East and enter week 12 to face the Seahawks (7-3) in Philadelphia on Monday night. They have narrow leads to the Giants, Washington and Cowboys — they are all 3-7 and could rob the Eagles soon this week.

Eagles stunned their attack for “broken” Carson Wentz

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