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E. Gene Carroll: Seesaw Emotions Before Jurors Say They Believe Her | Donald Trump

For a moment, E. Jean Carroll seemed devastated.

Not a single juror set their sights on her when she presented to the court. donald trump in hand.

The foreperson handed the verdict to the court clerk, who read out the answers to the first question.

Six men and three women on the jury said no.

Carol’s face fell. Her three days on the witness stand, in graphic detail describing how Trump “wandered around in her vagina” after tying her up in her department store locker room, turned out to be Couldn’t you convince the jury?

Ten other witnesses, including a friend who testified that she told them when the attack occurred in 1996, were dismissed as conspirators against Trump, as his defense attorneys alleged. do you want?

The clerk moves on to the second question. Did Trump Sexually Abuse Advice Her Columnist?

The jury unanimously stated: yes.

Carol’s face lit up. After all, she was believed. One of her lawyers, Sean Crowley, grinned next to her. Some of the jurors caught her eye.

There were other questions to answer, but Carol already won.

A group of New Yorkers went through all the evidence to find out how the 79-year-old advice columnist, now a 76-year-old former president and potential future president, threatened her with his charms. I believed her when I explained how I fell into it. “monster”.

Trump called her a liar and a “dumb job” and described her accusations as a hoax. It made the former president pay $5 million for sexual assault and defamation of Carroll while denying it happened.

After juror work was done, Trump’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, subjected Carroll to rigorous cross-examination for nearly two days.

Then the former El Advice columnist turned and headed into the back of the courtroom.

She stopped in tears to hug her friends and supporters in front of a public gallery. She then walked into a small conference room with the legal team, and at last they were able to shout with joy.

Judge Louis Kaplan gave the jury several options for reaching a verdict. He said that in order to prove Trump raped her, Carroll would have to prove he engaged in sexual intercourse with her, which must have also been the result of “coercion.”

The jury could not unanimously agree that Trump had actually shoved his penis into Carol’s vagina. It seems that he consented to some sexual abuse with little difficulty.

The judge said Carroll would have to prove that Trump used force to expose her to sexual contact without her consent, and that it was for the purpose of sexual gratification.

Tacopina repeatedly tried to sway Carroll’s account, in which she explained that Trump shouldered her against a wall, forcibly kissed her, ripped off her tights, and shoved her fingers into her vagina. , the former president’s lawyers only gave Carroll the chance to reiterate the details of the attack.

Tacopina’s attempts to challenge her truth by questioning why she didn’t scream or call the police didn’t pan out for his client either.

At the beginning of the trial, Carroll testified that Trump’s attack had destroyed her romantic life. And the former president damaged her reputation by calling her a liar, and Elle magazine fired her.27 years later.

“I’m here because Donald Trump raped me. When I wrote about it, he said it didn’t happen,” she said. “He lied and shattered my reputation. I’m here to try and get my life back.”

On Tuesday, a jury granted her request. E. Gene Carroll: Seesaw Emotions Before Jurors Say They Believe Her | Donald Trump

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