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E Gene Carroll seeks new damages following Trump’s CNN Town Hall remarks | Donald Trump

Writer and columnist E Jean Carroll is set to go to court again to seek “very substantial” additional damages. donald trump For his derogatory remarks about her at a televised CNN Town Hall just one day after being found guilty in a civil suit of sexually assaulting her.

On Monday, an amended lawsuit was filed in Manhattan by Carroll’s attorneys seeking an additional $10 million in damages and more punitive damages. Carroll’s lawyers allege that the former president’s remarks about Carroll’s rape allegations seriously damaged Carroll’s reputation. He lost his longtime job as an advice columnist for Elle magazine.

On May 9, a New York jury ruled that: playing cards Twenty-seven years ago, he had molested an advice columnist in the changing room of a New York department store. He also ordered nearly $2 million for sexual abuse, nearly $3 million for defaming her for branding her a liar, and about $5 million for punitive damages.

The next night, at City Hall, where Trump was interviewed live on CNN in New Hampshire, Trump further denigrated Carroll and her experience.

President Trump called her account of the sexual assault in the case he’s appealing “fake” and “made-up”, calling it “hanky-panky.” He repeated her past claims that he had never met Carol and thought of her as “a terrible job”.

Carol’s new application These statements are defamatory and seek to impose further financial penalties on Trump.

Carroll’s attorneys said Trump “tightened up” his disparaging remarks against her the day after the ruling.

The complaint alleges that President Trump’s televised remarks at City Hall “because it is difficult to imagine any defamation that could have been more motivated by hatred, malice, and spite, is an outpouring of President Trump’s malice towards Carroll.” The award in favor of Carroll, which “shows depth” and “demanded very substantial punitive damages,” was awarded to punish Trump, to deter him from further defamation, and given to discourage others from doing the same. “

Carroll’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan, said: told the New York Times President Trump’s remarks on CNN Monday night were “a mockery of the jury verdict and our nation’s justice system,” if the former president were allowed to repeat his defamatory remarks.

carol, who testified during trial, in a 2019 book, revealed for the first time that she alleges Trump raped her in her dressing room. A jury ruled that Trump had found that Carroll had molested her, even though she had not proven that she had been raped.

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At a post-judgment press conference, Carroll, 79, said her case was “not about the money” and said the outcome had broken down barriers for women and “destroyed” the myth of the “perfect victim.” Stated.

“Until yesterday, there was the concept of the perfect victim,” Carroll said. She said, “The perfect victim should always scream, always call the police, always take notes when an incident happens, and then her life… should fall apart and never be happy again.”

“And yesterday we destroyed that whole concept. Gone. Gone. And I’m overwhelmed with the happiness of the women in this country. No. It concerns all women.”

Associated Press Contributes to Reporting E Gene Carroll seeks new damages following Trump’s CNN Town Hall remarks | Donald Trump

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