“Dynasty” star John James plays Joe Biden in a hunter movie

Now he is in another kind of dynasty.

“Dynasty” actor John James was tapped to play President Joe Biden in the upcoming Hunter Biden movie “My Son Hunter.”

“The script contains everything. Money, power, greed, gender, drugs, alcohol,” said the 65-year-old Melodrama Master. Daily mail Through a 30-second clip announcing his new role.

For inexperienced people, the controversial biography is based on posts and other outlet claims made to the Biden clan prior to the 2020 elections. The post posted an article about the allegedly retrieved email From a young Biden-owned laptop that reportedly disclosed family deals with both China and Ukraine.exposition Sharing blocked On Twitter.

“This is the general story of a father’s ultimate love for his son, despite his major shortcomings.” My son hunter “sees the inside of the political world,” James said. Said in a clip.

Actor John James will attend the Friars Club Salute to Joan Collins at the Friars Club in New York City on May 4, 2015.

“It reminds me of a kind of’dynasty’,” nodded to his breakout TV role and meditated on the “Axcellerator” actor. James is famous for playing the character Jeff Colby in the ABC series broadcast from 1981 to 1989 and the short-lived spin-off “The Colbys” from 1985 to 1987.

“My Son Hunter” director Robert Davi considered James to be the ideal actor to play the 46th President of the United States.

“I saw in him the depth, honesty, and extreme liking I wanted as the basis for Joe Biden, who has been at the forefront of American politics for over 40 years.” , “Stargate: Atlantis”, “Profiler”, “Wise Guy”.

Meanwhile, Biden’s controversial descendants are played by British actor and politician Laurence Fox. Fox posted a Twitter photo on Monday. The only photo parody allegedly found on a computer’s hard drive is a white loincloth, an orange scarf, and sunglasses.

Read the sneaky caption, “Everything is fine. I’m in a really good place.”

“I’m particularly excited to work with great actors,” co-star James said of his new castmate. “We have some interesting scenes together.”

Davi added: “Thanks to John and Lawrence, I think the audience will be hooked on the relationship between Joe and Hunter and will understand the dynamics of father and son.”

“My Son Hunter” is the brainchild of conservative Irish couple filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAlear, and is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to raise a $ 1.8 million movie budget. increase. So far, fundraiser has managed to earn $ 1.6 million.

James (second from right) played the famous Jeff Colby "dynasty," A short spin-off with what was done between 1981 and 1989 "Colby's" From 1985 to 1987.
James (second from right) is famous for playing Jeff Colby in the “dynasty” and the short-lived spin-off “Colby.”
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The Daily Mail reported that McCalia hopes the project will help reveal Biden’s son’s “party lifestyle and dangerous business practices.”

“Joe Biden is a complex character,” the filmmaker explained. “Sometimes he murmured and stumbled, but he was also one of Washington’s longest-serving politicians who became very wealthy during his time as a civil servant.”

“My Son Hunter” has no release date yet. However, production is reported to begin this week in Serbia and continue until November.

“Dynasty” star John James plays Joe Biden in a hunter movie

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