Dustin Johnson defeats Masters and breaks scoring record

Augusta, Georgia (AP) — No major comes easily, except when Dustin Johnson slipped his arm through the Masters green jacket on Sunday.

What you need to know

  • Dustin Johnson won his first Masters on Sunday and broke the major scoring record in the process
  • Johnson’s 20 Under 268 broke the mark set by Tiger Woods in 1997, and Jordan Spieth matched in two shots in 2015.
  • His five-shot win was the biggest in the Masters since Woods won 12 in 1997.
  • Due to the pandemic, the Masters were postponed from April and played in front of fans

Johnson overcame an volatile start reminiscent of the memories of past majors he never ended. He turned it into a command performance and confirmed that this unique master without fans also had no drama.

far cry.

Johnson tapped the par on the 18th to finish with a 4-under 68 and a 20-under 268, set by Tiger Woods in 1997 and broke two shots of a Jordan Spieth match in 2015.

His five-shot win was the biggest in the Masters since Woods won 12 in 1997. All that was missing was a roar from an early crowd of important putts and a back 9 birdie putt that cleared it up.

“It still feels like a dream,” Johnson said. “When you were a kid, you dreamed of winning the Masters. Have Tiger put on a green jacket. I’m here, and it feels great. I couldn’t get any more excited. . “

The Masters, which was postponed from April due to the COVID-19 pandemic, had to do it for the first time without regular customers. Johnson received a warm welcome on the 18th from club members and his wife, his partner Pauline Gretzky, and several champions.

Two-time champion Bubba Watson was there to congratulate him.

“I’ve always dreamed of having one of them,” Johnson said when he went to sign his card. “Now I got it.”

Johnson’s four-shot lead dropped to one every five holes and quickly regained control. Cameron Smith and Lim Sangjay each shot 69, and they were the only ones who really had the chance.

Smith got a lot of comfort. He was the first player in Masters history to post all four rounds in the 1960s and only won a silver medal. Johnson became the 12th Masters Champion and did not lag behind in any round. His Closing 68 broke another record held by Woods. This was the 11th consecutive sub-par round at Augusta National.

There wasn’t a better finish than defending champion Tiger Woods, but only after the five-time Masters champion posted the highest score in his career, three balls hit ten raise creeks on the 12th hole of par 3. was. He ended up with 5 birdies in the last 6 holes to save 76.

Bryson DeChambeau, the most popular and biggest basher in golf, was second to none at 63-year-old Bernhard Langer, who shot 71 US Open champions and finished one shot.

These were just quiet Sunday side shows at Augusta National.

The main event was Johnson, the world’s first number one player to win the Masters since Woods in 2002. He won his 25th victory in the world and his second major, which won the US Open four shots behind in 2016 at Oakmont, has some big perks. He will be able to return for the rest of his life and will host a Masters Club dinner next April for the champion.

But even the record score, and even the widest winning margin since 1997, didn’t mean it was easy. After all, this is Johnson, and for all his talents, he has dealt with more than all of himself, but more than his share of misery.

He was the 16th player to take the lead of at least four shots in the final round of the Masters, but only four did not win, most recently Rory McIlroy in 2011.

The lead fell to one shot after five holes.

Johnson had to muff the flop into the bunker just before the par 5 second bunker and compete for the par on the easiest hole on Sunday’s course. After calming down with a 3rd birdie, he took 3 putts on the bogey in front of the green, found a fairway bunker from the 5th tee, and laid up to make another bogey.

Im started with 2 birdies on the 3rd hole and saved as much as a great flop in the bunker behind the 5th green. Suddenly he was hit late. There was Smith in front of them and suddenly two shots were delayed.

Just as Johnson seemed to head for the meltdown, it all changed in one hole.

Johnson’s tee shot settled on a birdie six feet away, towards a pin on the upper right shelf in 6th par 3. I missed Parpat by missing 3 feet from just behind the green. Johnson’s lead returned to 3.

Later, Johnson was blocked by a pine branch and had to punch low into the 7th front bunker, so Im from the fairway sailed the green towards the bunker and blew the green to make a bogey.

Smith was still less than two shots on the turn and the wind was stronger than a week, but the Australians could only manage one birdie and it was too late by then.

Nothing is sweeter than waiting for a five-shot lead and a green jacket up a steep hill to the 18th green. Except in this case, no one was cheering.

There was no roar this week. The white and pink flowers of azaleas and dogwoods were replaced by Augusta’s gold and brown colors in the fall. It was a truly different master, except that I didn’t mistake the green jacket.

Perfect for Johnson.

Dustin Johnson defeats Masters and breaks scoring record

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