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Dozens of people charged with drug trafficking rings on Long Island: DA

Forty people were charged with their role in a large drug trafficking ring in the Hempstead region, including two defendants accused of doing drug-related business in an illegal day care center. I am.

Nassau County DA Madeline Singus said the investigation began in 2019 over increased violence and drug trafficking, with a surge in overdose in 2020.

During the investigation, DA offices and ATF investigators identified nine as “major” traffickers. That is, the total amount of narcotics possessed or sold by the accused exceeded $ 75,000 within six months.

“This large multi-agency removal will have a major impact on our region’s drug trafficking infrastructure,” said Syngas. “We have recovered a large stockpile of drugs and weapons, and 40 drug traffickers and dealers have been charged with their alleged role in this dangerous network. To protect our community. Thank our partners for their work and incredible patience. “

These partners included the FBI, ATF, New York State Police, Nassau County Police Department, US Post Office, and DEA.

Officials said the drug was trafficked far away from Puerto Rico, California, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

The actual selling price of the recovered drug is estimated to total approximately $ 2.8 million, including cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and morphine. Authorities also confiscated cash and 38 guns, including assault weapons and ammunition.

As of Monday, authorities said 33 of the 40 defendants charged with the indictment had been arrested and / or arraigned.

The nine major traffickers suspected were Able McTour, Eric Butler, Willie Matthias, Allen Evans, Eric Poston, Matthew Williams a / k / a Vernon Howard, Orlando, by authorities. Identified as Ramsey, Rodney Highsmith, and unarrested co-defendant.

Rexroid and the unarrested co-defendant were accused of doing drug business by the Hempstead and Rosedale day care centers, officials said.

Dozens of people charged with drug trafficking rings on Long Island: DA

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