Don’t worry about the next Tesla, what’s the next Model S?

Here are some rules of thumb for investors looking for the next Tesla: Wait for the future car depicted in the company presentation to get out on the road.

Electric vehicle start-ups are entering the stock market through special purpose companies or SPACs. The latest is Faraday Future, which, after years of financial hardship, has finally signed a deal to launch its first luxury EV next year.Share with

Acquisition of property solutions Co., Ltd.

PSAC 19.57%

The blank check company that acquired Faraday has risen 42% since its announcement on Thursday.

Happy couples will at least join 12 other EV ventures SPAC has announced a similar merger in the last six months or so. The deal, supported by Tesla’s rise in even more valuable stocks, has led to a surge in trade and a valuation of the stock market, from speculative to incomprehensible.

Not all startups compete head-on with Tesla like Faraday and Fisker. Fisker is another California company developing luxury EVs.Others want to develop battery EV Commercial transportation (Rosetown, arrival,


); Hydrogen-powered truck (Nikola); or Next generation battery (((

Quantum Scape


However, what these companies have in common is that they rely on large products to transform their finances and justify their valuation over a period of two, three, or more years. In an increasingly crowded market Not all of these products are billable, But some may just be. How to know which?

The only real way for investors to make at least mid-knowledge guesses is to wait for a make or break vehicle to arrive in the showroom. For now, investors rarely go any further, but the story: founder backgrounds, photos, tweaks to traditional business models of car manufacturing and sales, usually refundable vehicle bookings. The history of Tesla is informative. The stock was first launched in late 2012 after the company began to succeed with the Model S.

Looking at the main products and their reception is probably the most important for passenger cars chosen for as emotional reasons as functional ones. But it is also important in the commercial market. Ordering paper from large customers, such as up to 800 heavy-duty trucks ordered by Budweiser brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev from Nicola, wouldn’t make much sense if the product wasn’t made. Made on a large scale to meet the promised specifications.

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“As we’ve seen at Apple and Tesla, it’s the customer’s reaction to the product that gives them the confidence to invest behind consumer technology,” said David Older, equity manager at French fund manager Carmignac. Stated. Last year, he acquired two Chinese EV companies, NIO and Xpeng, which were well-received for car launches, but sold out in the fourth quarter as soaring valuations began to warn.

Even for US start-ups, valuations, including relative valuations, make little sense. Among the companies that have already completed the merger with SPAC, Nikola and Quantum Scape, two of the largest in market value, deal with the least mature technologies of hydrogen batteries and all-solid-state batteries, respectively. Investors seem to be more interested in promises of turmoil than the dangerous reality of product deployment. Still, the Tesla imitators who have the potential to survive, like Tesla, will ultimately correct the vehicle and production lamps.

In the 1920s, the number of car makers plummeted, despite the surge in car sales on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The capital requirements for scale-up were very difficult for more than a few companies to meet. By the end of the decade, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler had dominated about 80% of US sales. As EVs become more widespread, it may not change much in the 2020s.

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Nicola was talking about Wall Street and tried to pave the way for electric trucks. Federal prosecutors are currently investigating allegations that have misleaded investors. The WSJ describes Nicola’s roller coaster summer and the company’s next plans. Photographic: WSJ

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Don’t worry about the next Tesla, what’s the next Model S?

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