Don’t bet on Tom Brady

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Talk about the Squaring problem! This is imminent as one of the handicaps that destroys the brain. It is not possible to provide a clear debate in any way at a general price.You want us to fight hard against the Rams All-Star delegation … or Lightly back Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Bruce Arians, and thousands of casts in South Florida? As I said … it’s not easy!

The Rams case is not a little impressive. They won 13 regular season matches that could reasonably claim to be the most challenging division of the league. Six games were played in one season against the 49ers, Cardinals, and Seahawks. They traded for Lions and won the acclaimed QB Matthew Stafford. Matthew Stafford was widely dissatisfied with his attempt to break the postseason with Lions, but his first attempt allowed Rams to take the postseason Rosel tournament seat.

Adding more spice to the stew, if you’re one of the better teams in the league, you can quickly claim that Rams has broadly nullified the frequent difficulties of NFL scheduling. However, Rams has won the TB12 twice in the last two seasons in the regular season.

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Alas, I’m going to Tampa Bay here, even if I’m still very worried. Each of these aspects is hard to fail, but it’s approaching as a game with a little bit of potential field goal handicap … and a game that seems to be approaching. Now, hook up Brady Stafford … Give me Brady.

Buccaneers, 24-17.

Sometimes you have to think about which bullish story about which top rung AFC teams you think are more convincing. This year’s Exhibit A, along with Bills quarterback Josh Allen, has enough defense to keep Buffalo in the game until it hits the knockout of the week in question.

One of the many attractions of this match is that the Chiefs’defense is significantly worse than the Bills’ defense, which isn’t really a close call. Yes, Kansas City is easy to succumb to the temptation to simply outperform the other side, especially considering how often the plan worked.

At a previous meeting between the two this season, Patrick Mahomes threw a pair of TD passes, but he was also picked off twice, resulting in much less than being satisfied with the Chiefs’ loyal players. I did.

Current snapshots show a better team with less emphasis on raw rushing yards, but to the extent that Bills puts more emphasis on positive ground yards, to ground games. It is a pledge of allegiance. Invoices are running on average over 127 yards per game. This is impressive. Especially if the Chiefs average 113 yards per game and the Rams and Bucks average only 100 yards above the ground in a typical afternoon.

While Bills continues to reach high ground while Allen continues to exceed expectations, defense soldiers provide Buffalo’s ball totors with a meaningful field position.

Do you think the Kansas City attack has peaked? Do you think Buffalo has to go further? We are the same. Don’t be surprised.

Buffalo, 34-27.

last week: 2-4
2021 season: 128-122-2

Don’t bet on Tom Brady

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