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Donald Trump to Hold First Rally of 2024 in Waco, Texas

NEW YORK — Former President Donald Trump will hold the first rally for his 2024 campaign in Waco, Texas, later this month.

The rally will be held in a Republican state on the night of March 25th, where his supporters are more likely to result in packed houses.

After spending the first few months of the campaign mostly at the Mar-a-Lago club in Florida, Trump began visiting early voting states. On Monday, he made his first trip to Iowa to host the Republican Party’s first nomination contest.

The rally’s plans come at a time when Trump is facing a series of investigations, some of which appear to be coming to an end in New York.

Porn actor Stormy Daniels met Wednesday with Manhattan prosecutors investigating a $130,000 hush payment he received for Trump — the same day former Trump attorney Michael Cohen, who coordinated the payment. gave his second day of testimony before a grand jury in New York.

The payment was made in 2016. Trump’s first presidential campaign was in the final weeks, and Daniels decided to go to television to air her allegations of sexual encounters with Trump a decade ago. were negotiating.

Mr Trump denied the incident and accused the investigation of being politically motivated.

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