Dominion sues Newsmax, OAN in 2020 elections

Dominion Voting Systems sued Newsmax and One America News on Tuesday, defaming the company that sells voting hardware and software as a conservative network imposes false claims about the 2020 elections Claimed to have done.

“This concentration of lies by defendants and others has caused and continues to cause serious damage to us, our customers and our employees,” said John, CEO of Dominion, who is seeking $ 1.6 billion from both media.・ Pros says.

The proceedings are for Dominion to set up an election in favor of President Biden, despite officials such as former Attorney General William P. Barr and Georgia State Secretary Brad Lafence Purger refuting such allegations. He accuses the network anchor of promoting false allegations of fraud.

Voting companies have “made deliberate and knowledgeable choices to reveal lies about Dominion as truth, and millions of Americans to believe Dominion stole the 2020 elections from Trump. It has created an ever-increasing alternative reality. “

Dominion told the court that the network’s alleged actions had “targeted, threatened with murder, and demanded prison time” for its employees.

A 213-page proceeding filed in the U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia against One America News Network (OAN) alleges that the anchor promoted falsehood because it “was seeking support from President Trump.” is doing.

“They did so because, if so, they knew that Trump would endorse the network and give it a huge reputation that they were coveted. And if they didn’t, that is, the defendant was in OAN. I knew that if I told the viewer the truth about Dominion and the election, Trump would attack the network and send it back independently of cable news, “said the proceedings.

Similarly, a 177-page proceeding filed in the Delaware Superior Court against Newsmax deliberately lied to the network “to show favor to Trump” and “to recruit and retain viewers.” Claims to have arrived.

Dominion claims that if Newsmax did not, he knew that the former president would “attack the network and cost the network and its owners millions of dollars.”

A Newsmax spokesperson told The Washington Times Tuesday afternoon that the network had not yet considered the complaint.

“Newsmax has not reviewed Dominion’s filings, but in a report on the 2020 presidential election, Newsmax only reported allegations by well-known public figures, including the president, his advisers, and members of the House of Representatives. Dominion’s actions today are a clear endeavor to curb such coverage and undermine free coverage, “said the spokesman.

The voting company filed a defamation proceeding against founder and former CEO Patrick Byrne on Tuesday.

Stephen Shackelford, a partner at Dominion’s leading Susman Godfrey LLP, said Trump’s allies were “responsible for financing and facilitating a virus disinformation campaign about Dominion that reached millions of people around the world. There is. “

The complaint is the latest in a series of proceedings filed by the company, stating that “we are taking steps to protect our reputation and reputation.”

“The nominated defendant shows no remorse or signs of trying to stop the spread of disinformation,” Poulos said, and the company “has no choice but to hold the responsible person accountable.” ..

Dominion also filed a defamation proceeding earlier this year against Fox News and former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell in connection with the 2020 elections.

The Washington Times contacted OAN for comment.

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Dominion sues Newsmax, OAN in 2020 elections

Source link Dominion sues Newsmax, OAN in 2020 elections

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