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DOJ does not investigate Covid-19 Nursing Home Policy

Currently, the US Department of Justice has issued a letter explaining that it has decided not to initiate a civil rights investigation at this time.

“It’s not a big deal,” said Congressman John McDonald (D-Kolkhoz). “If you look at the actual letter, read the letter, and understand New York’s nursing homes, last year’s request was a pointless request from the previous administration. Only a handful of state-owned nursing homes in New York. Focused.

There are many people who oppose McDonald’s.

“This decision by President Biden’s Justice Department has put President Biden on a criminal corruption scandal and cover-up for thousands of vulnerable elderly people,” said Senator Elise Stephanik (R-Schuylerville) on Friday afternoon. I will take part in it. “

The statement further states that “tens of thousands of broken-hearted New Yorkers rely on us to bring justice to their loved ones. We never give up.”

“Civil servants of all levels should remember the thousands of families who lost their loved ones in orphanages. They deserve justice,” said Rob Orto, a minority leader in the State Senate.

“Why did President Biden’s Justice Department decide that he couldn’t see anything here? This has to do with the long political friendship between Biden and Kuomo,” said Gerald Kasar, chairman of the Conservative Party of New York. Is Kuomo the first governor in the United States to support President Biden? “

“To be honest with you, anyone who owns it politically will slap the face of someone who has lost a loved one,” McDonald’s insisted. I’m going to incinerate either side. “

McDonald believes that the Justice Department’s response was appropriate for what he called the “unexpected” demands of the previous administration.

McDonald’s told people, “Many people in nursing homes have died. It’s a problem we all have to focus on, and people who don’t try to give a political blow, raise political issues about it, and do it. It’s a shame for me. “

Several other investigations are underway, including the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Brooklyn, and Congress.

DOJ does not investigate Covid-19 Nursing Home Policy

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