Do Multiple Ear Earrings Cause a Midlife Crisis?

It’s 11am When the needle slides my meat clean on Tuesday. I’m in the back room of an inkside out tattoo parlor in Norwalk, Connecticut, with a new friend. Instead of Pilates and Latte, we (two mothers of seven children) have third and fourth holes in their ear lobes right after the camp drop-off. For this 39-year-old writer, I feel like I’m dancing on the edge.

“There’s a thrill at the moment when piercings occur,” said Aya Kanai, Head of Content and Creator Partnerships on Pinterest. “Until I was 40, I had one same hole in my ears. I can’t stop now,” said Kanai, 43. She currently has eight and is planning a small sword through the cartilage. Pain is not a problem. “I did IVF three times,” Kanai jokingly said. “If you told me I had to do that, I could put a needle in my eyeball.”

With the 18-year-old rebellion, multiple ear piercings are resurrected between Generation X and millennial women who first found a second hole in the mall. Some are awakening the long dormant wild stripes. Others are boldly stabbing the fatigue caused by the pandemic.

Since December, Gillian Rice Maupin, a lawyer and mother of two in Alexandria, Virginia, has added one new hole in her left ear and two new holes in her right ear at her local parlor Craig Pokes U. At home, she resumed cartilage piercing. Her youth. “You are trapped in a house with your children, and suddenly that aspect of your identity becomes 95% of your life,” said 37-year-old Morpin. Not just mom. I’m still young and still cool. “

Influencer Zero Gwyneth Paltrow, 48, has a pretty gold hoop. Instagram ignites at an “ear party”. The ears are adorned with a carefully selected fusion of hugs, evil eyes, inconsistent sun and moon studs. Brands like Mejuri and Catbird are trending by selling single hearts and bars. “I like to feel like a charm bracelet, but it’s perfect for my ears,” said Kanai, a former fashion editor who sports lightning bolts, the New York logo, and a hanging version of her name by designer Alison Lou. I did. Star Piercer J. Colby Smith, who has studios in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, wears heavy earrings in the bottom holes, shrinks in size as he moves up, and tapers towards the shape of his ears. I’m proposing. Earrings have changed from punk to pretty, he said, “but they’re still a little punk.”

Do Multiple Ear Earrings Cause a Midlife Crisis?

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