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DNC approves major Biden calendar changes

of Democratic National Committee president confirmed on saturday BidenA proposal to dramatically change the state lineup of the Democratic Party’s presidential primary calendar, placing South Carolina in the leadoff position and giving minority voters more representation in shaping the party’s lineup.

The move to put South Carolina in the lead state on the election schedule angered party officials in New Hampshire, which has long held its first presidential primary.

New Hampshire Democratic Commissioner Ray Buckley said in a post-vote statement made during the election that he was “extremely concerned about the impact of this calendar on the purple battleground states.” DNCMoreWinter Conference in Philadelphia.

“We are proud to deliver four Electoral College votes to the President. Biden Buckley said: “Next year, those four votes could be the difference between sending a president or not. Biden Either go back to the White House or give it to the Republicans.”

“Our focus is on the re-election of the president. Biden, to win the governor’s open race, retain seats in two hotly contested legislatures, and regain a legislative majority. These priorities are DNCMoreSanctions are likely he Added.

“New Hampshire law mandates the holding of the nation’s first primary, and the state’s Republican leaders have made it clear that that will not change,” Buckley said, adding that he would not challenge the decision. I swore.

Under the new plan, South Carolina will hold its primary on February 3, 2024, followed three days later by New Hampshire and Nevada.

The primary upheaval is a departure from the decades-long calendar led by the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries.

Under the new plan, Iowa was also kicked out of the party’s early February primary.

Proponents of the new plan say putting South Carolina first will empower minority voters who have long been staunch Democratic supporters.

Mr. Biden‘s win in South Carolina helped rescue his 2020 campaign after disappointing shows in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada he The road to party nominations.

of DNCMore He called on New Hampshire to amend state law to guarantee leading positions in both parties’ primary elections, but such a move is unlikely to pass New Hampshire’s Republican-controlled state legislature. It was concluded by the state’s Republican governor.

of DNCMore New Hampshire sets June deadline for compliance DNCMorenew primary lineup.

– Seth McLaughlin contributed to this story. DNC approves major Biden calendar changes

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