DJ LeMahieu isn’t just an option

A week after acquiring a new millionaire owner, Mets could spend an additional $ 20 million thanks to Robinson CanĂ³’s 162-game suspension, which tested positive for banned substances. I will.

Perhaps the most satisfying way to make up for Kano’s loss is to sign DJ LeMahieu away from the Yankees, but it’s not the only option Mets has.

Cohen also said in response to Kano’s news that he would not put his savings in his pocket. When he was asked to spend some money on a new bullpen cart on Twitter, Cohen replied, “Please use it for the player. The bullpen cart can wait.”

Mets can find excellent players in the $ 20 million range, whether free agents or via trade.

In the free agent market, there are other infield options besides LeMahieu. Tommy La Stella was able to play in 2nd and 3rd place and was productive on the plate, but despite being 31 years old, there were no more than 321 plates appearing during the season.

Caesar Hernandez, 30, is aggressively solid and can play as a second, third, shortstop.

Tommy La Stella and Nolan Arenado
Tommy La Stella and Nolan ArenadoAP (2)

Third baseman Justin Turner is still a good fit for the Dodgers, and Turner was appointed to Mets in 2013, so tracking can be difficult.

Sandy Alderson, president of the new team, warned of the possibility of a large-scale deal and told post Joel Sherman that “we need to be careful about how we use our players in the deal.”

Mets already has a depth problem within the organization, but if it finally decides to investigate the trade market, Francisco Lindor could be at the top of the list. Indians will trade Lindor at some point during this off-season, a season away from free agents, which will be raised to about $ 21 million in the final year of arbitration. Mets was a shortstop and gave up some of the depth, and perhaps Andres Jimenez was able to win Lindor, shifting Amedrosario to second and Jeff McNeil to third.

There may also be expensive third basemen, Nolan Arenado of the Rockies and Kris Bryant of the Cubs. The arrival of either star will allow McNeil to play his natural position, second base.

Arenado is in debt of $ 199 million over the next six years, unless it opts out of huge contracts starting next season.

Brian, like Lindor, is a year away from the free agent and will be arbitrated for about $ 20 million after losing a complaint about service hours with the Cubs.

If Mets chooses to use Kano Money as a starting pitcher (Trevor Bauer), a center fielder (George Springer), and a catcher (JT Realmuto), Guimenez can play on second or third base, just like McNeill. JD Davis has the potential to finish the disappointing season on the plate third.

Luis Guillorme is another option, either second or third, but has not been proven at the Major League level.

Mets also signed Marcell Ozuna to play as a left fielder, keeping McNeil in second and Davis in third.

DJ LeMahieu isn’t just an option

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