“Disgusted”: Biden’s police support collapses to presidential office for eight months

According to veteran police officers, relations between President Biden and US law enforcement agencies deteriorated eight months after occupying the Oval Office.

Rank and File police and unions, who have left Mr Biden to support former President Trump, are now saying they are “sick” of what they see as a lack of support from the White House.

“It was worse than I expected, especially with what I knew about Biden,” said Paul Dijacomo, president of the New York City Detective Endowment Association.

“Biden was once a very strong supporter of the police, but he doesn’t seem to be a supporter of the police anymore,” Dijacomo continued. “Honestly, I haven’t seen anything that can be positively pointed out.”

Even the officers who supported Mr Biden in 2020 say he is dissatisfied with his work on legal and order issues.

Charles P, Chairman of the National Association of Black Law Enforcement Executives. Wilson personally supported Biden because his organization is non-profit and cannot support political candidates.

Wilson acknowledged that the president’s lack of public praise for law enforcement contributed to the decline in morale as police witnessed a record resignation and retirement.

“This is an issue that the administration should address. Many police officers-because of such focus reforms-I don’t think the administration … cares about them,” he said.

Mr. Biden will meet with the law enforcement community on Saturday at the 40th National Peace Officer Memorial Ceremony outside the US Capitol.

Police officer dissatisfaction goes beyond the lack of police-backed rhetoric. They say the government’s failure to develop a comprehensive strategy to combat rising crime rates in the country. The Justice Department investigated the local police station and support for police reform measures further demoralized.

Former executive Paul Beekman, a former Democratic candidate for the city council in Lockport, a town in northern New York, said he felt the country was less secure under Biden.

“I’m sick of it,” he said. “The administration pretends to be the pro-police with this tremendous over-emphasis on the January Capitol case. The attack on my brothers and sisters was horrifying, but they are in this country. I was completely blind to security. “

The criticism is a bit of embarrassment for Mr. Biden, who has long been proud of his strong relationship with law enforcement agencies. Mr Biden was the driving force behind the 1994 crime bill, which included a community grant to hire an additional 100,000 executives. It strengthened law enforcement by new tools and increased penalties for criminals.

In 2009, Biden donated the remaining $ 26,000 in campaign finance to the collapsed law enforcement monument in his home state of Delaware.

But last summer, the relationship deteriorated after a cold accusation of Mr. Biden’s riots and the acceptance of calls for a major overhaul of police law and increased police surveillance.

Violent crimes are on the rise nationwide, and polls are being conducted to show Biden’s underwater approval rating.

According to a poll by the ABC News / Washington Post released in July, only 38% of Americans approved his response to the increase in crime, and 48% said they did not.

Republicans say the surge in violence in the United States has helped Democrats defend police, threaten police officers in lawsuits against work behavior, and make it easier for accused criminals to receive bail. Claims to be promoted.

Democrats have blamed loose gun control and the post-pandemic economic struggle.

Biden tried to focus on this issue.

In June, he vowed to fight violent crimes, announced stricter penalties for gun breaches, and urged cities to use the Federal COVID Relief Fund to hire more police officers.

Mr Biden also broke his plan to set up a National Police Oversight Commission and broke the campaign’s promise to set it up within 100 days of taking office.

Perhaps the most surprising change is that Mr. Biden has moved away from the bill to carry out a major police review. As a candidate, Mr. Biden defended George Floyd’s justice under police law, but the bill stalled in the Senate, and lawmakers and Mr. Biden threw towels.

Mr Biden took office and promoted the bill dozens of times, but has hardly talked about the issue since then. In September, Mr Biden said he hoped the bill would be enacted, but those changes are dim.

Wilson, one of the few police officers to support the proposal, said he was disappointed that the president wasn’t pushing for legislation.

“They had a half-baked shot of police reform, but it didn’t pass the convocation,” he said.

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“Disgusted”: Biden’s police support collapses to presidential office for eight months

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