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Digested Week: A slice of a bribe-bought cake and everything on a party bus to sit down | Emma Brockes


With the enthusiasm of the capitalist I respect New York It bribes their older siblings and parents before them, so it bribes young children to get vaccinated. For these under 12s, it’s not an incomplete promise to protect Grandma at Thanksgiving next week. Instead, a more reliable incentive: cold and cash. A $ 100 payment is guaranteed for all children who get a Covid Shot at a public school or municipal site. If you get infected with Covid and get a ventilator, the American medical system will come to your home. But in the preventive phase, it’s all high five and free money. By American standards, it’s thrilling.

Two weeks after my 6-year-old kid received his first vaccine, we head to Times Square to collect bribes. The city is doing something with the choice of venue. There are 3 million people in New York who are eligible for the vaccine under the age of 18, and if everyone claims cash, the city’s finances will be killed. That is, each of the five districts has a single discouraged place to collect preloaded debit cards. In Brooklyn, it’s an ambiguous YMCA in the middle of Coney Island. Queens – the Giant Autonomous Region – is the single vaccination site for East Flushing. Manhattan’s pickup site occupies the most rebellious corner of Rebellious Times Square. This is a hard-to-find building where the traffic of outsiders looks like a Covid party.

We never stop. Take a bus to 57th Avenue, past the Platinum Dolls pole dance club, past a huge billboard condemning anti-Semitism, and past a mysterious line of people waiting to enter the M & M store. Walk the block. Within the test site, present yourself to the Vaccine Incentive Pickup Table, present your Vaccine Card, and collect prizes.

$ 100 is a lot of money for a 6 year old kid, and in the preparatory stage of the collection, use it to teach children financial literacy and downplay it to keep them innocent. Torn between what to do. After all, I didn’t have to add frets. Ten minutes after picking up, they both forgot everything. The excitement was clearly completely discovered during the journey. Activate your card and start spending money.

Photo 1: This Week: “As a cameo honey monster, there is certainly a second job offshore.” Photo: Jeremy Selwin / AP


For the past 18 months, Ghislaine Maxwell has been a guest at the facility’s Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Her lawyer, Bobby C. Sternheim, complained that “mold and pests have infiltrated,” resulting in “persistent hair loss.” Other physical disabilities. On Tuesday, Maxwell appeared in court in southern Manhattan, where a jury candidate was elected for her sex trafficking trial. She traveled from Brooklyn in bondage, but went to court undisturbed in civilian clothing. The Guardian reported that she was “relaxing” and “laughing” with a lawyer. Photos are not allowed, Drawing by a court artist Maxwell looked like the heroine of a pulp fiction novel, sneaking into her mask. Her hair looked fluffy.

It was far from the parties in the early 2000s, or 2019, between Jeffrey Epstein’s arrest and her own arrest. After the judge’s decision, the prosecution cannot consider Maxwell to be strangled. .. (She wasn’t hiding, her lawyer claims; she wasn’t aware she was being sought, and in the meantime she changed her phone, email address, and another person’s It was just a coincidence that I ordered the package for delivery by name.)

Maxwell’s lawyer Asked the judge He refused to prevent the prosecution from calling her accuser a “victim.” Maxwell is believed to be willing to fight her proceedings, partly based on her own exploitation by Epstein. Her lawyer said in a previous court filing – Maxwell’s victims certainly depend on the credibility of others to the wider victims. Her point is, I think, she wasn’t the victim. Like her former friend Prince Andrew, when it comes to abandoning her friends as a financier or a sex offender, she may simply choose to use a defense that is too prestigious to leave. Maybe.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex at Ellen's Room Show
Photo 2: This Week: “The Only Queen I Recognize Its Authority.” Photo: Michael Rosman / Warner Bros./PA


The spillover was felt mid-week from the latest addition to the blockbuster divorce, a small but fun sub-genre of the New York story. At Sotheby’s, an auction was held after the marriage of Harry and Linda McCrow was disbanded. $ 650 million worth of art sales, Promoted by the works of Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Cy Twombly, Andy Warhol. The pair separated in 2018, the judge ordered the $ 2 billion property to be split, and the famous Macklowe collection was sold out.

One of the pop art that wasn’t put up for auction was a 42-foot sign on the side of a building owned by real estate-owned Harry McCrow. 432 Park Avenue It’s been a year since his divorce. A photo of Patricia Landor, a woman who married him in 2019, was posted. The purpose of the sign was to celebrate his new bride, although the observer had not lost his ex-wife. Go to 432 Park. Who knows what art of revenge this spectacular has gained?


Most of the British sweets imported into the United States end up in the niche British section of the supermarket, but I hope we can finally break through with Mr. Kipling. Premier Foods, the manufacturer of Bisto and Angel Delight, Push expansion After a successful deployment of cake slices in Canada, we entered the US market. Unlike Colonel Sanders and Ronald McDonald, Kipling doesn’t even have an avatar, but the company’s 80’s marketing campaign must have been very clever. Just to mention the brand, the phrase “very tasty cake” drifts from the past, with the vague aroma of almonds, along with the indelible image of Battenberg Square.


My kids got the word “party bus”. All the buses, long-distance buses and minivans we pass through raise the question “Is it a party bus?” Times Square was very busy in this line of inquiries, but it didn’t give up all week and found some party buses at 8am on the school run.

“What do you think is in the party bus?” Lastly, please. Children will consider this carefully. “Wine,” she says. “And a chair.”

Digested Week: A slice of a bribe-bought cake and everything on a party bus to sit down | Emma Brockes

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