Did Tony die at the finale of “The Sopranos”?

Just 14 years ago, millions of people desperately shouted, thinking that HBO’s “The Sopranos” had lost their cable connections at the end of the final season.

The finale, “Made in America,” leads the story of Tony Soprano, the boss of criminal gangs in northern New Jersey, to a spectacular and ambiguous ending.

Journey’s “Don’t Stop Billy Bin” features Tony, Carmela (Edie Falco) and son AJ (Robert Iler) eating the best jersey onion rings in Holsten. The song is interrupted with “Don’t Stop” and a black screen appears for 10 seconds before the last silent credit is played.

Now with hindsight for years Part 1 “Many Saints of Newark” The mystery behind Tony’s fate has been scraped off on the horizon. And it’s much more subtle than “Saw” encountering “The Godfather”.

Falco revealed Chuck D’s New York Knicks Podcast Another ending of the show was filmed with her and Gandolphini in 2010 to invite LeBron James to play at Madison Square Garden. Like the end of “Good Fellows,” it’s Tony. It depicts his life in the protection of his witnesses, probably due to his established symbiotic relationship with federal agent Dwight Harris (Matt Selvitt). Despite growing fanfare and speculation, the scene isn’t included in the show’s canon, it simply remains an unused alternative ending take.

So what really happened to Tony?

One of the most iconic shows on television has an ending that is still being discussed today.
One of the most iconic shows on television has an ending that is still being discussed today.
Will Heart / HBO

Premonition unique to soprano

At the show, Tony previously told Dr. Jennifer Melfi (Lorraine Bracco), “A famous man like me has two consequences.

After the arrest of his troubled son Jason, the expected testimony of Carlo Gervasi (Arthur J. Nascalera) prepared Tony to prepare for prosecution, and perhaps the soprano lived past the supper. His old way, if any, is essentially over and symbolizes the death of the saying.

But Tony doesn’t look alive to see the trial.

The end of the power outage

As the 80’s rock songs reverberate throughout the diner, the shot of a man sitting at a restaurant counter constantly looking back at Tony is repeated. He was the first episode of “members only” in season 6, when soprano crew FBI informant Eugene Pontecorvo (Robert Funaro) committed suicide very vividly after both parties allowed him to retire. Credited as “Man in a member-only jacket” which is a reference to. Family to Florida.

At the last moment of the show, the man stepped into Holsten’s bathroom about 30 seconds before it was cut black. This move reflects Tony’s favorite scene in The Godfather, where Michael Corleone takes a gun set behind a restaurant toilet to revenge his father’s attempted assassination.

While Members Only is in the bathroom, Meadow (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) parks successfully after many false starts. She runs towards the entrance to Holstains, and Tony looks up just before the end.

If Tony was clipped at that point, it would match the continuity of shots selected by Chase, who directed only the first and last episodes of the series.

Family theme appears throughout "The Sopranos" In many ways.
Everywhere in The Sopranos, the theme of family comes up with many meanings.
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Tony first arrives at Holsten’s in his family, followed by several, including members only. Each time someone enters the front door, a bell rings and a close-up of Tony’s face is displayed to the audience to visualize his point of view.

At the end of the episode, you’ll hear the bell, as it implies that Meadow is entering the restaurant. Perhaps before the show’s blackout, the camera cuts to Tony when only the members pick up the gun and emerge from the background. The quiet darkness became Tony’s point of view, symbolizing the final season of the show many times.

“When the ripples happened, you probably didn’t even hear them,” Bobby Baccalieri (Stephen Shiripa) told Tony in “Ripples Soprano Home Movies” a few episodes ago. In the penultimate episode of the series, The Blue Comet, Bobby is shot dead at the behest of a hostile mob boss. After that, Tony holds the gun that Bobby gave him on his birthday and flashes back to the line “Don’t listen”.

Both Silvio and Bobby were examples of on-screen silence during a mob hit.
Both Silvio (left) and Bobby (right) are examples of mob hits made silently on the screen.
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Another example of the silence surrounding the mob hit is Consigliere Silvio Dante (Stephen Van Zant) having a supper with Jerry Torciano (John Bianco) in Stage 5 and firing while the gunner fires at Torciano. The silence appears.

Director’s commitment

Last year, chase I may have fallen in the interviewAfter refusing to explain the last scene for over a decade, he called it Tony’s death.

Chase inadvertently revealed the results when co-author Alan Sepinwall asked in a leaked interview in his book The Sopranos Sessions: I think I have two more years’ worth of stories left. “

Chase said, “Yes, I think the death scene was about two years before the end … but we didn’t do that.”

“Of course, you understand what you call the death scene,” said co-author Matt Zoller Seitz.

However, no accidental permission was required to combine the parts.

Tony's decisions and oversights sometimes lost the crew.
Tony’s decisions and oversights can get the crew lost.
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Tony’s failure bears fruit

The entire sixth season revolves around Tony’s failure and continues to the final scene.

Tony believes Christopher (Michael Imperioli) was unable to stop the rampant drug use at the “funeral procession” shortly before his ex-fiancé killed his FBI informant cousin.

Then, in “Second Coming,” AJ attempted suicide in Tony’s pool.

Tony then drains the pool water. At the start of the show, he set foot to feed the ducks that symbolize his family. Sopranos are currently left in empty covered pools during the colder months.

In the final episode, Tony quietly visits Silvio in the hospital, but his boss is likely to reflect the situation, so he is unlikely to regain consciousness.

One of the best shows on television ended up with one of the most controversial conclusions in history.
One of the best shows on television ended up with one of the most controversial conclusions in history.
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He then sees a junior with dementia (Dominic Chianese). He makes fun of Tony throughout the show because he doesn’t have the “representative qualities”.

Sure enough, in the next scene, an outstanding mural of local high school football is painted on the wall of Holsten’s house.

Who protected the boss?

The question remains when he dies: who killed Tony Soprano?

Was it a relative of Eugene? Did the New York crew not respect the ceasefire, or did the interior decorator who killed 16 Czechoslovaks take revenge? Where was Furio (Federico Castelluccio) all the time?

Uncertainty is a symbol in itself. Just as the families and loved ones of the other characters killed did not settle throughout the series, the Chase audience also sees the future of both the nuclear and criminal sopranos in the air.

Hopefully, the September eve film movie, in which Gandolfini’s 22-year-old son Michael Gandolfini plays young Tony Soprano, will be further closed to one of the most mysterious puzzles on television.

Did Tony die at the finale of “The Sopranos”?

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