Democratic Party Barrel for Government Shutdown

Republicans and Democrats are once again paying attention to government closures and credit defaults.

The confrontation will be set up by the Senate leader on Monday Charles E. Schumer Is planning the first vote on short-term funding measures to raise the government and suspend debt limits for a year.

“The Democrats will unite to support the passage,” he said. Schumer, New York Democratic Party. “That’s right for Americans.”

he At least 10 Republicans are needed to support the bill to overcome the 60-vote filibuster threshold. he He pointed out and suggested that raising the upper limit on the amount of money the government could borrow to pay federal spending was generally bipartisan.
The shutdown deadline is Thursday.

many Republican Senators have refused to support the increase in debt caps, with the support of former President Donald Trump. They say that if the Democrats are happy to pass President Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion social welfare bill in a partisan vote, they should also be responsible for raising their debt caps to enable their spending. ..

Kentucky Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said: “If they want to tax, borrow, and spend historic amounts without our opinion, they will have to raise their debt limits without our help. This is the reality.”

Parliament must pass the annual budget by September 30 to maintain government operations. In recent years, lawmakers regularly miss deadlines and rely on short-term funding bills to buy more time.

This year Schumer Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi of the Democratic Party of California has linked a temporary measure to a law that suspends the federal debt cap until December 2022.

The Democratic Party is calling for the promotion of bipartisan voting, which in principle suspends debt caps.

“Archaist rules require you to sign off once to spend money and sign off again to remove money from your piggy bank, even though it’s already in use,” said House Oversight Reform Commissioner. Katie Porter, a member of the Democratic Party of California, who is a member of the association, said.

The Democratic Party has said that suspending the debt cap for a year will give time to focus on Mr Biden’s legislative agenda, which has already been stalled by the fighting within the party.

The leader also personally sees it as a politically favorable battle before a tough midterm election is expected. They also know that raising debt limits while pushing for about $ 4.7 trillion in new spending will expose them to campaign attacks for reckless spending.

Mr. Schumer And Mrs. Pelosi hopes that by now recording Republicans, they will be able to save their small majority.

“After all, the only thing that matters in the legislature is how you vote,” he said. Schumer.. “All members of this chamber of commerce will be documented as to whether they support keeping the government open. [and] We support you to avoid the default or shut us down and care for our country towards the first default. “

Meanwhile, Republicans are playing with fire.

NS Republican It has been repeatedly burned because it is a “government closure” party. In the event of a shutdown and default, Republicans run the risk of losing confidence in the issue of financial liability.

“If they vote against it, they will solidify themselves as the default party,” he said. Schumer..

Republicans argue that the Democratic Party is playing a political game.

Republican Legislators have promised to support a “clean” spending bill to keep the government open, urging Democrats to use budget adjustments to unilaterally address debt caps. The process the Democrats plan to use to pass Mr Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion package avoids filibuster and puts in some spending and tax measures to pass with a simple majority of 51 votes. Make it possible.

“They have all the procedural tools needed to expedite separate and independent legislation to address debt restrictions without a single Republican vote,” McConnell said. ..

Republican leaders argue that Democrats are forced to specify accurate numbers for debt caps and are cautious about doing so alone. Such numbers, which exceed the current limit of $ 28.5 trillion, expose vulnerable Democrats to attack.

“Why does the Democratic Party need to be on record by raising all its debt caps to more than $ 30 trillion by themselves,” said a Democratic aide who demanded anonymity. “It only happens when Republicans use that number to relentlessly beat candidates overhead.”

Given the uncompromising nature of both sides, Schumer’s bill to keep the government running and suspend debt caps faces a long-standing probability.
At least 10 Republican asylums are required to break the filibuster.Currently only 4 Republican Senators are likely to support the bill.

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Democratic Party Barrel for Government Shutdown

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