Defiance fights for staff prior to pre-kindergarten vaccination obligations

A kindergarten director in the Upper West Side may need to combine classrooms to supplement unvaccinated teachers. Another person in Harlem expects a few staff members to be reduced and is not asking if an agent will come.

Yet another location in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn plans to keep teachers in the classroom with or without vaccination. The only other option was to close, as the majority of her staff rejected the shot, said Marina Kormanovsky, owner of Buratino International Day Care.

“We’re back to work, and those who aren’t vaccinated will wait until DOE or DOH shuts us down,” she said, referring to the Ministry of Education and the Department of Health and Mental Health. rice field. “Who goes to see the children?”

New York City kindergartens and day care centers scramble on Tuesday mornings. At that time, staff must be vaccinated against COVID.Teacher-principal union Warns of lack of safety agents, Cafeteria workers, and in some schools, dozens of teachers. They called on the city to be late..

However, the city’s patchwork system for kindergartens and nurseries further complicates the requirements for these centers to implement. Staffing and budgets are always tight. In the next few hours before mandates begin, important details about how it will be implemented have not yet been determined. There is even confusion as to who it applies to.

Also, there are no definitive figures on the number of vaccinated staff or the number of staff who may be missing on Tuesday morning.

“Based on our conversation, the majority of center-based staff are vaccinated. Some centers are 100%. Some are in the 80% range. But a cumulative total of around 1,200. The impact will be felt across centers, “said Tara Gardner, director of the New York Day Care Council, which represents some 200 non-profit day care centers and pre-kindergarten centers. “The impact on staffing can be disastrous.”

Friday’s education department promised to support a “quick response” plan by encouraging providers to write letters if service to their families is expected to be disrupted.

Most children enrolled in the city’s free pre-kindergarten program for ages 3 and 4 receive public funding through a contract with the city, but go to a privately owned center. Some are integrated, but most are not. It leaves the rules and player tangles for understanding how to perform the mandate announced on September 9th.

Confusion dominates. The District Council 37, which represents the site’s teachers and other staff, told members in a blog post and email that the mission was not intended for those who were not in the education program, instead claiming: Did. Federal regulations apply, Which Allow teachers to undergo regular coronavirus testing Instead of being vaccinated.

By Friday, The union changed course He said that only some headstart programs funded by the federal government to care for children in low-income households are exempt from the city’s obligations.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Education has made it clear that contracted child care and pre-kindergarten centers are subject to this requirement. The operator on Friday afternoon received a warning from the city reflecting his position.

Contract Childcare and Preschool Center Initially cut out of the city’s vaccination obligations For teachers, only for Mayor Bill de Blasio Overturn that decision About 3 weeks later.

This will allow teachers time to comply with their obligations, who will need to obtain tax exemptions and accommodation due to medical or religious issues, and how to handle staff turnover that refuses shots. We spend less time negotiating to plan potential shortages.

On Thursday afternoon, Gardner said negotiations were underway. Part of the challenge is to understand what accommodation looks like to teachers in a small center. The Ministry of Education has created an arrangement to relocate people with accommodation to the environment outside the classroom. However, independent providers do not have a central office where they can dispatch staff who cannot safely go to school, and the center says they can only operate remotely in bad weather.

“It still needs to work with the union,” Gardner said. “That’s a big deal.”

She said many centers are already operating with a small margin and are having a hard time finding staff who can make more money elsewhere. Unlike schools in the Faculty of Education, there is no central pool for submarines. The operator has to fill it out himself, and all additional costs are budgetary.

On Friday, the education department will inform operators that the city will amend contracts to help pay additional labor costs and provide targeted support to centers that need more hands-on decks. I promised.

George Penaherella, director of East Calvary Day Care in Harlem, said all but one or two staff members at his center were vaccinated. But it will still be difficult to fill in for them. He already had a shortage of teachers and took medical leave because of the high risk of complications when infected with COVID.

The education department has sent a survey to the board to learn about the needs of its staff. Penaherella said he warned the department that two submarines were needed. And you have to wait if they arrive. He said it’s usually not easy to find a submarine because his program runs for 10 hours, not just on a regular school day.

“It’s very difficult to say how to fix this hole where you are now,” he said.

Most sites are not integrated. But in it, District Council 37 could not say how many of its teachers were vaccinated. I couldn’t do the education department either. Without that data, contractors are required to complete an investigation to ensure they are in compliance, but it can be difficult to enforce their obligations.

Brighton Beach day care owner Kormanovsky said only one in nine staff members was vaccinated. He showed that a second staff member could get a job this weekend because the job could be at a loss. However, others categorically insist that they do not, saying they are concerned about long-term health effects. (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that the shots are safe and effective.)

Meanwhile, Kormanovsky said he knew that his family was dependent on his center. So she’s going to stay open.

“Does DOE want me to fire those kids? To send them home?” She said. “These are working parents who have no choice at home.”

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Defiance fights for staff prior to pre-kindergarten vaccination obligations

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