Deebo Samuel is a unicorn that does all of the 49ers

Are you ready for Deebo Samuel?

Opponents believe the 49ers’ 26-year-old receiver is ready, but this season’s results suggest it’s not.

Packers, Host the 49ers in the NFC Divisional Playoff Round on Saturday night At Lambo Field, we hope they are ready for Samuel. Otherwise, he can erase the desire of their Super Bowl.

Samuel is a unicorn, a rare combination of receivers with titles that have been traded into running backs. Seeing him play makes it a fascinating theater.

The way Samuel transformed into his hybrid role this season could be of great help in redefining the position of the receiver, as we know it.

Samuel caught 77 passes as a receiver at 1,405 yards and 6TD, and rushed 365 yards and another 8TD during the regular season to perform a jet sweep and endaround. His eight rushing TDs are most popular with receivers from the Super Bowl era, doubling the previous four marks set by Tavon Austin in 2015.

Samuel hurriedly touched down for five games in a row. This is the longest winning streak with a receiver from the Super Bowl era. He led the team and was in a hurry to TD. This is the first time a receiver has done it since the 1970 merger.

His 18.2 yards per reception leads the NFL. He averages about 13 yards each time he touches the ball.

Deebo Samuel is a rare double threat that wide receivers have turned to running backs.

At Forty-niners Wildcard victory over Cowboys last weekend, Samuel set NFL records in most rush yards (72), including the 9th Rush TD of the year, in the Super Bowl era playoff game.

Mainly due to running back injuries earlier this season, the 49ers attack turned into Kyle Shanahan head coach trying to find a more creative way to get the ball into Samuel’s hands at 6 feet 215 pounds. did.

“Divo is as real a man as I was, he is passionate about the game and has become one of the best players in the league,” Shanahan said. “I want him to get the ball in almost every play.”

The Forty-niners began featuring Samuel in the backfield when they defeated Rams for 10 weeks. Prior to that game, Samuel had lined up in the backfield exactly seven times in the previous nine games. However, he lined up in the backfield six times against Rams, carried the ball five times at 36 yards and recorded a touchdown.

The 49ers are 7-0 this season when Samuel carries the ball at least five times. He averages a touchdown almost once every 7.5 carries.

“The 49ers are unique to all our careers, because you’re always trying to define what a soccer player is, and it’s still difficult to define. But the game moves slowly for him. , He’s fearless, he’s fast, he’s big, he’s hard to tackle, “49ers attack coordinator Mike McDaniel told reporters this week. “The evolution of how we use him is the product of two things. He is a really good soccer player, Kyle is open to the staff and what we are not doing It does a great job of seeing what’s going on. Really think about all the reasons we do. “

The way the Forty-niners used Samuel and the way he responded unleashed their attacks this season. It’s no exaggeration to say that Samuel saved the San Francisco season.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel celebrates
Deebo Samuel averages a touchdown almost once every 7.5 carries.
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“I think Kyle knows I’m really really good at holding the ball,” Samuel told Fox Sports before the 49ers beat Dallas with a wildcard. “I think he started throwing everything he could to give me the ball. This year I moved to a lot of running backs. Getting that pass in last week’s game made me It shows that you trust it. It’s crazy. “

Samuel was not always the weapon of the dual threat he currently has. In the first 22 games of his career, he had only 22 carries. He had 59 carries in 16 regular season games he played this season and last week had another 10 carries against Dallas.

Samuel has produced 415 yards of rush yards and eight TDs in the last nine games, including a win in the playoffs last week. Including that game, Samuel has played in 17 games and is rushing from a true running back position 64 times with 421 yards and 9 TDs. In these nine TD runs, Samuel averaged 16.4 yards per carry.

“When he picks up the ball, it’s just different,” said 49ers tight-end George Kittle. “He has a different mindset. He’s trying to turn people over, he’s trying to knock out a mouthpiece, he’s trying to put a man on the body. It’s a physical game and he Is an embarrassing fool. “

Deebo Samuel is a unicorn that does all of the 49ers

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