Declan Kelly resigns as CEO of Teneo after being drunk

Fortune 500 executive prolific consulting firm Teneo announced Tuesday that CEO Declan Kelly has resigned. Drunk and acted improperly with many women At a charity event last month.

Teneo board Said The company’s co-founder and chief operating officer, Paul Cary, immediately became CEO.

In his role as CEO of Teneo, Kelly has been an advisor to the CEOs of General Electric, Coca-Cola and other leading companies.

Hillary Clinton’s US Special Economic Zone for Northern Ireland from 2009 to 2011 launched a poverty alleviation campaign after a May 2 event hosted by a charity whose drunken behavior raised concerns. Kicked off by the Group’s Global Citizen Board of Directors.

According to one source, Page Six reported last week that Kelly was so drunk that she acted improperly with as many as six women at a party in front of other guests. Reported Financial Times “Inappropriate behavior included contact with many women without consensus.”

Separately, Page Six reported earlier Tuesday that Kelly, who was married to a child, was reportedly. Continued a less secret case with a senior female executive in Teneo For many years.

CEO of Global Citizen Hugh Evans and Declan Kelly
Global Citizen CEOs Huevance and Declan Kelly will speak on stage at the Global Citizen VAX Live: World Reunion Concert on May 8, 2021 at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, CA.
Global Citizen VAX LIVE Kevin Winter / Getty Images

“On May 2, I made a careless and openly embarrassing mistake. I took full responsibility and apologized to the people, colleagues and clients who were directly affected,” Kelly said. Admitted Tuesday’s statement.

“To protect Teneo’s employees and their customers, and with the strong support of my family, I decided to leave the company and resign as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.”

Page Six reported that an independent investigation into the May 2 incident was initiated by Global Citizen and is still underway.

Teneo’s contributions to Global Citizen’s philanthropy have been returned and their sponsorship agreement has ended. After reports of drunkenness, General Motors resigned with Teneo as an adviser.

A statement announcing Declan Kelly's resignation on Teneo's website.
A statement announcing Declan Kelly’s resignation on Teneo’s website.

Kelly apologized to the staff last week. “This incident was a big awakening call for me. I immediately stopped drinking and continued counseling from medical professionals. I will never drink again.

“I have learned a difficult lesson, and I have a job to be accomplished, and I am doing it now. It will be a continuous journey that will continue the rest of my life. ..

“As many know, I’ve temporarily reduced my work responsibilities, so I have time to focus on my health. I’ll be back in full operation in September and continue to commit to Teneo. Please be aware that. “

Kelly, Keary and Doug Band founded Teneo in 2011. The 1,200 companies are proud to help CEOs develop their reputation and advise large companies on how to fulfill their social responsibilities.

Emily Smith of Page Six contributed to the report

Declan Kelly resigns as CEO of Teneo after being drunk

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