Deandre Baker’s attorney arrested on suspicion of attempted extortion

Attorneys at three of the four men allegedly robbed by former Giants cornerback Deandre Baker were arrested Monday morning in connection with an attempted extortion.

William Dean was arrested in Florida, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. He is a name partner for Ford, Dean and Rotand and represents three men who withdrew their statement to Baker last week: Julia Slammer, Tommy Heartshaw and Stephen Compton.

Dean and his clients demanded Baker $ 1.5 million and negotiated numbers up to $ 800,000 to change their statement, but sources familiar with the situation told the post. The sheriff’s office declined further comments during the ongoing investigation, but sources say they were involved in the setup from the beginning.

Baker, 23, has been charged with gun robbery and faces a minimum of 10 years in prison if convicted. However, Dean’s arrest could be the first step towards dismissing all charges, sources said.

This allegation has nothing to do with the previously accused rewards of a case involving Baker’s co-defendant, Seattle Seahawks’ Safety Quinton Dunbar. Dunbar’s first attorney, Michael Grieco, withdrew after the investigation warrant quoted video footage, private social media messages, and witness information that bribed witnesses to change their story.

Deandre Baker William Dean
William deanBroward County Sheriff’s Office

Grieco denied the claim, and the accusation against Dunbar was later dismissed due to lack of evidence. The accusation stems from a May party incident in which two NFL defensive backs allegedly robbed more than $ 70,000 of cash and watches lost in gambling.

Lamar, Hartshaw, and Compton said in an affidavit that Baker “did not directly or indirectly participate in the robbery or assist the robbery in the field or elsewhere,” and fired someone with a gun. I didn’t see him robbing or assaulting. The fourth man did not appear at the temperament hearing on October 9, and a complaint about whether he should be charged with contempt of court is pending.

The Giants released Baker in September. He is a free agent. Regardless of the criminal consequences, Dunbar played six games this season without penalty, but Baker may be subject to disciplinary action under the NFL’s personal course of conduct.

Deandre Baker’s attorney arrested on suspicion of attempted extortion

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