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De Blasio’s Pandemic Heroes Parade has a clear invitation list available, says’Onory’

It took more than two weeks for the Canyon of Heroes to salute the key workers who survived the pandemic and continued to move the city, with some winners saying their position in the parade was still unclear. ..

The city hall said retailers and Bodega and transport workers would join a group represented by floats on July 7. “Hometown Hero” Parade From Battery Park to City Hall, on Monday the leader of an organization representing food delivery and transport workers said the organizers had not yet contacted them.

Being a deliveryman Los Deliveristas Unidos, A group of food delivery workers formed during a pandemic. “And I personally want to praise the work.”

A city hall spokesperson said the organizers are in the process of reaching out to “pandemic heroes” while striving to include “all the heroic efforts New Yorkers have made in the past year” in the parade.

“This parade is for all of them,” said spokesman Mitch Schwartz. “We cannot fully thank these essential workers, but we can celebrate their courage with a fun, safe and fun event to start the summer in New York.”

‘What happened? ‘

Tensions surfaced Monday morning as Brooklyn councilor Justin Brannan Tweet “What’s wrong?” Mayor Bill de Blasio accused the city hall of “failing to invite” Los Deliverista Unidos and the Transport Union.

“The De Blasio parade could be a bigger flop than his eight-year tenure,” yelled John Samuelsen, TWU’s international president and frequent critic of the mayor.

Schwartz said the group would receive an invitation to the parade.

Councilor Justin Blancnan at the Eric Adams Campaign Rally on Wednesday, June 2, 2021 at Cadman Plaza.
Ben Fractenberg / THE CITY

Mr. Brannan wanted the good intentions of the city hall not to backfire.

“This seems to be a good thing,” Brannan, a member of the council, told THE CITY. “If you make people angry, you ruin all your purposes.”

Funeral workers complained last week that they weren’t initially included in the city hall list It emphasizes a group of “essential workers who have served the city heroically through a pandemic.”Mayor spokesman I told the Gotamist They will participate in the parade.

Check, please

The Mayor’s Fund, which advances New York City, a non-profit organization that works with city agencies, is seeking sponsorship for the so-called ticker tape parade down Broadway.

According to a copy of the fundraising appeal sent by a non-profit organization, 15% of the donations will be COVID-19 hometown heroes to “help those at the forefront of the pandemic” along with the most hit people in the city. It will be donated to the recovery fund. community.

Women's national soccer team

The Women’s National Soccer Team will celebrate the World Cup victory at the City Hall on July 10, 2019.
Michael Appleton / Majoral Photo Office

The appeal details different levels of sponsorship.

  • The “Title Sponsor” costs $ 250,000 and can be placed on 10 tickets for the City Hall ceremony and 5 floats with 10 participants.
  • The “Premier Sponsor” costs $ 100,000 and you can place a sign on two floats with four attendees and pay four tickets for the city hall ceremony.
  • The “Float Sponsor” costs $ 50,000 and you have the right to put a sign on one float with two participants and two tickets to the city hall ceremony.

The city usually seeks to fund the ticker tape parade with a large sponsorship, 2015 parade The US women’s national football team has fallen below the expected $ 2 million tab for the celebration.

The city hall said the funding efforts were “on track” for the “Heroes of Hometown” event and “there was no lack of interest” from potential sponsors.

Party favor

An MTA spokesperson said he was working with the city hall to plan the parade.

“It’s a further insult,” Samuelsen said. “They reached out to their boss, not the worker.”

Brannan said the pandemic redefined the people who make up the frontline working class and added that it also created some resentment about how the parade was organized.

“It’s like a fourth grade birthday party,” he said. “People want to know,’So did you receive the invitation?’

De Blasio’s Pandemic Heroes Parade has a clear invitation list available, says’Onory’

Source link De Blasio’s Pandemic Heroes Parade has a clear invitation list available, says’Onory’

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