David Weil, co-creator of “Invasion” at Apple’s science fiction show

David Weil, co-creator of the new Apple sci-fi epic “Invasion,” said he wanted to tell the story of non-action star-centric aliens like Tom Cruise and Will Smith.

“We’ve seen so many great alien invasion stories, but they’re often guided by these movie stars and action heroes. We turn it head-on into real people. I wanted to focus, “Weil, 32, told Post.

Co-created by Weil (“Hunters”) and Simon Kinberg (“Mr. & Mrs. Smith”), “Invasion” tracks different characters around the world and ultimately mysteriously related to alien invasion. Experience and react to the event.

Sam Neill plays Sheriff Oklahoma, who is about to retire in “Aggression.”

There is Oklahoma Sheriff John (Sam Neill, “Jurassic Park”). He is about to retire and is investigating the formation of strange crops. Mitsuki (Shioli Kutsuna), a Japanese aerospace engineer who is sending an astronaut’s girlfriend (Rinko Kikuchi) into space. Long Island mom and Syrian immigrant Annie Shamalik (Golshifteh Farahani) discover that her husband is having an affair, after her neighborhood is destroyed by something strange and invisible. I found that only her house remained. London’s teen Casper (Billy Barat) suffering from bullying and epilepsy, and Afghan American soldier Trevante (Shamir Anderson) isolated from his troops.

Trevante (Shamir Anderson) sits in a dusty room with the door open using the radio.
Trevante (Shamir Anderson) is an American soldier who participated in the “invasion” of Afghanistan.
Jason Laberis

“We wanted to do something different in this genre,” said Weil, who grew up on Long Island with his father, an astronomy enthusiast. “Often in alien invasion stories, they’re centered around white Westerners, often male heroes. We wanted to change that practice head-on and explore a global set of characters. But what made us most excited was that each of these characters, whether cultural or family, felt like an alien in our world. Our characters Each is at stake of some sort.

“So we wanted to have the character stories in the foreground and the alien invasion itself in the background. Before we get to the big alien setpieces, we really try to live in those character stories. Many The alien invasion story is about aliens, but our story is really about humans. “

Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani) stands with her arms crossed around her son with a phone. "Invasion."
Aneesha (Golshifteh Farahani) is the mother and wife of Syrian immigrants living on the Long Island of “Aggression”.

Weil said a consultant from the Extraterrestrial Exploration Institute is on the set.

“I asked him,’If you find an alien, what is the question you most want to ask them?'” And he said, “You have music in your culture. Do you have a religion? ”It can be very interesting. No doubt, I believe the aliens are there. “

David Weil smiles at the camera at a red carpet event standing in front of a yellow wall.
David Weil, co-creator of “Invasion”.
Dave Benett / Getty Images for Ama

Weil is also working on his season 2 Amazon Show “Hunters” It starred Al Pacino and Logan Lerman as Nazi hunters in New York in the 1970s.

“It’s very exciting because the filming for Season 2 is almost over. To be honest, I’m hoping for something unexpected. Season 2 is bigger and more because it’s a really bold and imaginative show. Good thing. The audience is looking forward to seeing the next chapter of this story.

“I think’Hunters’and’Invasion’ are broad, but the next thing I want to do is a little more intimate. I always try to play in different genres of sandboxes and bend different muscles. I like to do something different or new. “

David Weil, co-creator of “Invasion” at Apple’s science fiction show

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