David Peterson won his spot in the Mets rotation

Chicago — David Peterson enters the second half of the Mets season.

Peterson is the weirdest of the first five, as Jacob DeGrom is expected to return to rotation soon in the next series of Mets against the Padres. This is a bit unfair to a left-handed player who owns a 3.24 ERA in 72.1 innings and has made 13 starts in the Mets this season, but is fully guaranteed.

Peterson has embraced the uncertainties surrounding his future with the Mets. That’s mainly because he’s used to it.

“This year was my role and some undefined role,” he said after throwing five innings against the Cubs on Sunday. “Obviously, the starter can go out and fill that place in the rotation, and there are some bullpen looks.”

Peterson slipped into Start 5 as early as the first week of the regular season when Taijuan Walker was forced to miss some starts due to shoulder problems. Then he went back and forth between Major and Triple A Syracuse from the end of April to the end of May. But since then, he has been a reliable arm for Mets’ pitching staff, staying healthy and growing into his role.

Peterson, whose DeGrom is set to return to Mets’ rotation, has no harsh feelings. Everyone in baseball knows that two Cy Young Award winners are key to success and playoff potential in the second half.

“We all want to get Jake back,” Peterson said. “We all want to make him healthy. That’s the most important thing. We want him to be productive. And we make him Jake, we. I want him to be a Jake he loves and knows. For me, it’s about taking advantage of the opportunities I have, and when he comes back, talk to Buck (Showalter) to check the situation. Please go from there. I want to take advantage of every day. “

Peterson said he hadn’t told Show Alter about his role in the second half yet, but it’s easy to see the southpaw piggybacking deGrom on Ace’s first startback and could be limited to pitch counts. Is high. Peterson had the opportunity to contribute to Mets in every role, including the bullpen.

“We can claim that many, and one of Peterson’s, have stepped up and seized the opportunity,” Shaw Alter said. “I feel like he’s starting to build a track record of trust …. Pete took the opportunity to run.”

Dominic Smith (right ankle) and Tomas Nido (left forearm) underwent diagnostic imaging in Chicago. Smith played against the Cubs in the Mets doubleheader on Saturday, rolling his ankle while leading second base in the 10th inning of Game 1. Smith finished the game on Sunday and tested his ankle with a Mets trainer, but his availability at the Series Finale at Wrigley Field was unknown. He will receive an X-ray and go to an MRI in New York.

Buck Showalter seemed indifferent to Nido’s forearm problem and downplayed its seriousness, but Mets’ catcher still went to make the MRI safe. Patrick Mazeika was behind the plate catching David Peterson on Sunday, and Nido wasn’t available outside the bench. Nido said the MRI did not show any cause of concern, so he may have avoided major injuries.

David Peterson won his spot in the Mets rotation

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