David Perdue launches major challenge to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

Former Sen. David perdue Governor’s bid started in Georgia on Monday, he On a crash course with the government. Brian Kemp In the Republican primary, he raised concerns that the confrontation could hurt the party.

Mr. PurdueLost the Senate re-election bid in this year’s final vote, said he I will prevent the Democratic Party Stacey Abrams from becoming governor.

“Undoubtedly, Abrams smiles and lies and tricks him into turning Georgia into a radical vision of a state similar to California or New York,” he said. Purdue Said in his Presentation video.. “To fight back, you just need to unite.”

Abrams, a voting activist and former minority leader of the Georgia House of Representatives, recently announced that he is running for governor.

“Unfortunately, today we are split and Brian Kemp When [Secretary of State] It’s because of Brad Rafensberger. ” Purdue Said. “This is not personal. It’s easy: he All of us have failed and we can’t win in November. “

Former President Donald Trump urged him. Purdue Participate in the governor’s race. Mr. Trump is angry with him. Kemp And Rafensberger disagreed with his stolen election allegations accused of lowering turnout in Georgia’s close quarters.

Another Trump ally, Congressman Jody Hice, is running to leave Rafensberger’s seat.

Mr. Purdue, of his Video, he said. Kemp Ruffensberger is to blame the Republicans for losing a pair of Senate seats.

“Think about how different today is Kemp I fought Abrams first instead of Trump, “he said. “Now is the time for change.”

Mr. Purdue Said he Eliminate state income taxes, combat rising crime, and encourage parents to have a greater say in public education.

“We are facing an unprecedented onslaught from the awakenings left in Georgia and across the country.” he Said. “We can’t give in to their demands and keep giving in. We just have to fight back to protect Georgia.”

Mr. Kemp Defeated Abrams in the 2018 governor’s election. Mr. Kemp With the support of Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump claimed credit for Abrams’ defeat.

However, Mr. Trump was unable to carry the state in 2020.

President Biden became the first Democrat to win the state in the presidential election since Bill Clinton in 1992.

In the run-off race, Mr. Purdue lost his The seat of the documentary filmmaker Jon Ossoff, the Democratic Party of Japan. Democrat Raphael Warnock has overtaken Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler. Kemp..

The result was a 50-50 split between Democrats and Republicans in the US Senate, with Vice President Kamala Harris voting for a tiebreaker.

Mr. Trump insists on him. Kemp Ruffensberger turned a blind eye to fraudulent voting and corruption in the state. Mr. Kemp And Ruffensberger argues that Trump was defeated fairly and honestly.

David Perdue launches major challenge to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp

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