Daniel Vogelbach’s first home run as a Mets led the charge in a 9-5 win over the Nats

Washington, DC — It was as beautiful as anyone could dream of.

Daniel Vogelbach hit his first home run for the Met on a muggy Wednesday afternoon in our nation’s capital.On its bright apex the ball sat 125 feet In the air and only come down when you’re ready to land for a grand slam.

The Mets took a 6-0 lead with a four-run trot and then coasted to a 9-5 win. Chris Bassitt was his typically reserved self, and in just seven innings he struck out four and gave up six hits, but thanks to three double plays, the Nationals failed to score. I did. With an unrecognizable lineup currently without Juan Soto and Josh Bell, as well as resting veterans Nelson Cruz and Michael Franco, the Knots could make the game interesting. I tried to come up with a but failed.

Instead, Vogelbach’s strongman display put things out of reach and made the rest of the game creep like a sunset. Feeling sluggish from the start, Florida man Vogelbach was well prepared for both the heat and the precise impact his sleepy dugout required. The last Mets to start a Grand Slam as his first home run with the team was Adrian his Gonzales in 2018, and legendary names of Mets who accomplished this feat include Taylor his Teagarden, Omir his Santos, Colin his Cowgill and others.

Fellow Floridian and fast-growing MVP candidate Pete Alonso also helped. Alonso hit his second home run of the series in the third inning, his 28th home run of the season. Seeing Alonso hit a home run is nothing new and the experience can be a little predictable or predictable, but this one really stood out for the pitch it came from.Washington pitcher Anibal Sanchez runs a slider and puts it outside of his zone strikes outside the plate. Almost as expected, Alonso hit the ball with the barrel of his bat before it went low, hitting the 411-foot ball straight into center.

No matter what the players and coaches say, it’s hard to get up every game in a 162-game season and bring the same energy to a getaway game in Washington as Sunday night’s game against Atlanta. Having done enough to get around and beat Washington to win the series as well, the Mets can now shift all focus to the Braves.

They’re playing the aforementioned Sunday night game on ESPN, but they’ve also played four in the three days before that. Even if the odds are high, the intensity of the NL East’s showdown should provide the opposite effect of the afternoon’s tilt with the Tanking Nationals.

The Mets have now won 12 of their last 16 games and 10 of their last 13 games against Washington in three consecutive series. A healthy (pun intended) dose of Jacob deGrom should be available for them, Trevor May and Mychal Givens Change the fabric of the bullpen. May threw an easy eighth inning in relief for Bassitt, throwing 16 pitches with a mix of singles and strikeouts. The Nationals swung 13 times against Givens and missed only once.

Ranked 5th in wRC+ appearances on Wednesday, but 12th in slugging percentage and 16th in home runs, the offense is something of a wild card. Alonso, Francisco Lindor and the other usual suspects have great potential. When underused players like Vogelbach (he reached base in 16 of his 34 Met at-bats) and San Francisco-transferred Darrin Ruff are simply superior, the Mets will be playing these lazy matinees. can turn many of them into record-breaking bold wins. .

Daniel Vogelbach’s first home run as a Mets led the charge in a 9-5 win over the Nats

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