Daniel Jones failed to undermine the Giants’ defeat to the Cardinals

Nothing will last forever, but the Giants couldn’t even extend their winning streak on a refreshing Sunday in December at MetLife Stadium. As a result, they no longer have it.

The completely ineffective attack of quarterback Daniel Jones returning with a completely unexploded ordnance put the Giants’ defense in terrible trouble in the first half. The Giants fell meekly 26-7 and were dominated by the visiting Cardinals, too much to overcome.

After all the excitement the Giants created last month, this was a serious downer. After all these close matches this season, this was a one-sided event and the Giants didn’t show anything. It was their worst loss since the third week’s blast by the 49ers, 36-9.

This could have been a debilitating loss for the Giants (5-8), as long as they maintained their slim No. 1 lead in the NFC East. For the second consecutive season, the Cardinals set foot at MetLife Stadium and brought it to the Giants. In this way, it could be essential to figure out how to confuse the Browns or Ravens in the coming weeks in order to end the Giants’ four-game streak and make the regular season finale against the Cowboys a meaningful experience. there is. Aspirations after the season.

The Cardinals (7-6) have been eliminated for three consecutive games, but are back in the NFC wildcard picture. They put a hammer in the opening series in the second half and moved 77 yards in 11 plays, fueled by 36 yards run by Kenyan Drake. When Drake jumped from one yard for a touchdown, it was 20-0 and the Giants had a serious problem.

Jones (11, 127 yards on 21) seemed to haven’t played for quite some time. He actually missed only one match. A phenomenal upset victory in Seattle last week was a tense right hamstring. However, he made a tremendously late start, finishing the first half with 44 yards and 6 out of 12. He came in without sales for 10 consecutive quarters, but lost fumble in the first quarter with a bag of former teammate Marcus Golden. He finished with three fumbles, looked stiff in his pocket and didn’t run at all. This wasn’t his game and showed that he could have returned soon because he wasn’t confident that his right foot would hold up if he took it off with the ball.

Giants lose Cardinal Daniel Jones
Dennis Gardeck (l.) Reacts after Zach Allen sacked Giants quarterback Daniel Jones.
NY Post: Charles Wenselberg

Jones was fired six times, pulled out with 2:34 left, and replaced by Colt McCoy, who was fired in his first play. The Giants allowed eight bags and were only in a hurry for 78 yards.

Cardinals linebacker Harson Redick was a wrecking crew with five sack and three forced fumbles.

The Giants went down 20 and finally broke through in the third quarter. Jones hit the jumping Golden Tate 39 yards and set up Dion Lewis’s 1-yard touchdown run to 20-7. But that was it.

The defense to sue for crimes because of lack of support was justified. File another proceeding with a special team. In the first half, the Cardinals began aggressive ownership on the Giants’ 9-yard line, the Giants’ 36, the Cardinals’ 8, Cardinals’ 47, the Giants’ 21, and the Cardinals 20. The field was tilted.

The Cardinals scored 10 points in two Giants turnovers. The first time is when Lewis fails in a kickoff return. The Giants managed only four first downs and a total of 58 yards in the first half. It was an indication of anemia and it did not produce points.

A goalline stand was needed after Golden crashed from the far right and nailed Jones with a sack and fumble frontside hit. Golden scooped up and returned to the Giants 9 for 30 yards. Yardline, Dexter Lawrence and Julian Love join to stop Kenyan Drake in vain, Murray was washed out of his pocket four downs, and Keyscene Johnson’s end-zone pass was knocked out by James Bradley. I did.

The Giants three-outed, punted the ball from his end zone and gave up a 24-yard return, followed by a great defense followed by a dull offense. This made it easier for the Cardinal to move to the field goal position to 3-0.

Taking Jones to the field wasn’t a problem. How motivated and capable he was to push it in and run it (a staple of his game) has always been a question. Jones didn’t move much, and the first two series and the third possession had no effect, which put pressure on him and allowed him to run up in the middle on the third down. As a result, he was fired.

Daniel Jones failed to undermine the Giants’ defeat to the Cardinals

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