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Dance and watch parties feature happy crowds in and beyond New York City – CBS New York

New York (CBSNewYork) — It was a fun week for music and sports fans.

Ali Bauman of CBS2 reported that some live events in the city returned to full operation on Monday night.

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A crowd without masks danced to live music Park slope, Brooklyn.

“I’m vaccinated and ready. Everyone is laughing,” said resident Amy Bernstein.

“It feels like freedom. It feels very good,” added Christopher Brown.

This was one of several free concerts held in the city for the annual “Make Music New York” festival. This festival is COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) Last year’s pandemic.

“Last year was really scary for musicians because everyone had these great plans they were trying to do and they all collapsed,” said musician Clive Thompson. “So this was the first time we returned to the saddle.”

COVID vaccine

The concert will also boost local businesses like Freddie’s Bar on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn.

“People, having music is nice and normal. This is all of us and I haven’t been able to do it for a long time, so I’m excited to do it now.” Bartender Ellen O’Shea said.

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Meanwhile, the Lincoln Center hosted the biggest ticketed dance event since the pandemic, the “Dance Against Cancer,” a star-studded performance that benefits the American Cancer Society.

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Also, Citi Field has returned to Mets’ doubleheader full capacity for the Atlanta Braves.. Fans did not need to wear masks or social distances, nor did they need proof of vaccination or negative COVID tests.

“It’s good for my business now that it’s completely open and everything is in place. It’s really good to go to a game that everyone supports,” said delivery driver Justin Harris. ..

Islander fans were also able to gather at the Nassau Coliseum Watch the team for Round 5 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs Semifinals in Tampa, Florida..

Returning to Brooklyn, performers and fans told Baumann that they were renewed in gratitude for what they once took for granted.

“I didn’t know how much I missed seeing my smile and facial expressions until the mask came off,” Brown said.

“It’s a busy day. I haven’t worked so hard in a minute. I feel good,” said Freddie bartender Ellen O’Shea.

“You’re a stranger and I’m talking to you. That’s great,” added Peter Schleifer of Park Slope.

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It was just the beginning of an exciting summer.

Dance and watch parties feature happy crowds in and beyond New York City – CBS New York

Source link Dance and watch parties feature happy crowds in and beyond New York City – CBS New York

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