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Hair dryers, toothpaste tubes, brief explanations, etc. can be the most unusual thing that turns out to be a magical solution to a household problem.

Dear Mary: The white fiberglass whirlpool tub from the previous wintering of antifreeze had a very terrible dark pink 7-foot stain. I have tried many things to get rid of bad stains such as baking soda, soft scrubs, bleach, scrubbing bubbles, mold stain removers, etc.

When I tried toothpaste other than gel, I gave up and tried to live with a long, ugly pink stain. 100% off! The bathtub is beautiful and sparkles again. I’m not sure if anyone else may have this or similar issue, but I would like to share this with you.

Dear Gale: I’m surprised! thanks for letting me know. For readers running to treat similarly stubborn stains with toothpaste, be careful to always test in an unobtrusive place to make sure you don’t make the already difficult situation even worse. please. That’s a good idea.

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As always, I would love to hear this tip from the person who saves the day.

Dear Mary: I was given a beautiful wooden pub table. Wax is attached from the person who blows out the candle. How can I fix this without rubbing with a knife? Thank you very much.

Dear Cathy: Set the hair dryer low, hit it, and leave it until you can gently peel off the candle wax with your fingers. After removing it, use a soft cloth to buff the area. Wax is a good finish for furniture, so it should look even more beautiful!

Dear Mary: Earlier this year you wrote an article about the resolutions we maintain. Item 16: Make a note of the mileage of the car on January 1st.

Can you explain to me how this saves me money? By the way, it was a great article.

Dear Christie: Writing down your car’s mileage forces you to focus on how many miles you put on it, perhaps many of them unknowingly. The more I think about it, the more often I’m thinking about ways to do something that isn’t enough.

And in January of next year, if you do this again and calculate the number of miles you’ve driven in 2022, you’ll start thinking about more ways to drive fewer miles to make your car last longer. Focusing and paying attention gives you the freedom to make changes.

Dear Mary: The other day, when I realized that I made a mistake in the total deduction amount, I submitted a copy of the latest tax return.

Now I’m in a panic because when I told my brother he warned me that I would be at high risk of being audited. Is there a way to fix the stupidity and avoid the huge penalties?

Dear David: Please relax. There is nothing to worry about. The IRS has created a special form just to correct returns. This should indicate that filing a correction is a common event.Move to Get Form 1040X or call 800829-1040 to receive it by mail.

This form is easy to fill out. The fact that you submit a modified return does not increase your chances of being audited. It is the nature of the change that can raise the danger signal.

But in your case, a simple mathematical modification should not cause a little worry to you or the IRS. By the way, you have three years from your return date to fix it.

Dear Mary: Last summer I received a $ 3,000 bonus that helped my brother invest in a trust. When you receive your quarterly statement by email, you tend to get completely confused by the pie charts and charts and throw them away.

My brother says it’s really important to track my investment. Is there an easy way to do this?

Dear Erin: The idea behind mutual funds is simple: many small investors pool their money and hire professionals to invest and manage their funds.

The report can be confusing as it shows all the details that the fund owns. One of the numbers to watch out for is the net asset value (NAV). It is the value of the fund’s assets at a particular date minus the liabilities and divided by the number of shares held by the fund members. Compare the quarterly NAV with the previous statement to see the fund’s performance.

In the meantime, start following investment-related websites such as: When

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Daily Cheap Skating: A Magical Solution for Difficult Situations | Advice

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