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Cuomo says schools in New York City could reopen even if positive rates remain above 3% – CBS New York

New York (CBSNewYork) — The COVID-19 case shows no signs of slowing down, so some of the Big Apples are subject to even more restrictions.

This was reported on Sunday by Hazel Sanchez of CBS2 as the illegal party was arrested again over the weekend.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has warned people living on Staten Island and parts of northern Manhattan and Long Island. Elevated coronavirus infection rates can impose more stringent restrictions in these areas.

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While parts of Upper Manhattan and Long Island are approaching the territory of the Yellow Zone, the Governor said the Sunday portion of Staten Island is heading towards the Orange and Red Zones.

“Staten Island is a serious problem. Staten Island is also a problem in terms of burdening hospitals,” said Kuomo.

The place of worship is limited to 25 people due to the Red Zone restrictions. in addition:

  • Mass gatherings are prohibited.
  • Only important businesses remain open.
  • Only takeout is allowed.
  • Unless the school tests students and staff to make sure there is no COVID, the school will go to remote locations.

Coronavirus pandemic

New York City public schools are currently closed due to an average 7-day infection rate of 3.09%, but according to Kuomo, if the 7-day average remains above 3% for 10 days, the law states. Manages the municipal school. The governor said that if that happened, he would allow the school to reopen if he agreed with the requirements for the COVID-19 test.

“Schools are safer than communities. Think about it. Community infection rates are 3%. Schools are less than half. Why do you want your kids to stay home? That’s why they’re going to stay home. It means there isn’t. That means they’re going out. They’ll run around in a 3% community, “Kuomo said.

Last week, the governor ordered bars and restaurants to close at 10 pm to curb the rise in infection rates. Late Saturday night, the City Sheriff’s Office invalidated two illegal parties, including one at a sex club in Astoria, Queens. More than 80 people gathered, took off their masks, and did not shorten their social distance.

Another party broke up in the clothing district, and 75 people seized the party without social distance. A total of 7 people have been issued subpoenas.

The governor also commented on reports that a Hasidic wedding was held earlier this month in the Williamsburg synagogue in Brooklyn. It is said that as many as 7,000 people participated.

Cuomo called on the rally to overtly ignore the law. New York City authorities are currently investigating.

CBS2 contacted the city authorities but did not receive an immediate response.

Cuomo says schools in New York City could reopen even if positive rates remain above 3% – CBS New York

Source link Cuomo says schools in New York City could reopen even if positive rates remain above 3% – CBS New York

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