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Cuomo: Make difficult but wise choices to avoid traveling or gathering

The number of COVID-19 patients in the hospital has increased to about 2,900, about 1.5 times the number of patients admitted on November 1.

In New York, an average of about 5,500 new cases of new coronavirus per day have been reported in the last seven days, up 70% from two weeks ago.

New York City Sheriff Joe Fushito said he has set up vehicle checkpoints at major bridges and intersections throughout New York City, as well as at curbside stops on buses entering and exiting New York City. The agent advises the traveler on the quarantine rules.

He said people who violated travel rules could be fined $ 1,000 a day, but authorities have previously admitted that enforcement is predominantly in honor. I did.

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City said air travelers departing from the JetBlue terminal at Kennedy Airport will be provided with test kits that they can manage in partnership with the airline.

But he urged travelers to stay home instead.

“Don’t travel unless you really have a really definitive reason,” he said. “It only increases exposure to this disease, you are more likely to get it, your family is likely to get it, and it can be inadvertently returned here. . “

Cuomo criticized several sheriffs in northern New York and said it was impossible to enforce a recent executive order banning more than 10 indoor and outdoor rallies in private homes. ..

“That’s a terrifying precedent,” Cuomo said on Tuesday. “What if they don’t agree with the Anti-Discrimination Law? What if they don’t agree with the Domestic Violence Law? … I’m not interested in your political opinion. Enforce the law Please give me.”

Some sheriffs claimed that Cuomo did not reveal exactly how law enforcement agencies could enforce his rules at private gatherings.

“Instead, we are facing a non-enforceable order issued without consultation with law enforcement agencies and the general public,” the New York State Sheriffs Association said in a statement Monday.

Meanwhile, New York City Sheriff Fushito said his office would focus on implementing a ban on large-scale rallies.

Cuomo: Make difficult but wise choices to avoid traveling or gathering

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