Cowboys miss a lead opportunity in NFC East at another home loss

Arlington, Texas (AP)-Both first aggressive tackles were injured on the first drive of the game, Ezekiel Elliott lost another fumble, and the Dallas Cowboys were able to take over the lead in the NFC East. Sometimes there were some suspicious coach decisions.

Mike McCarthy’s first season in the Big D isn’t a complete loss yet, but the Cowboys have a chance to gain a lot of momentum in December after losing to Washington in the 41-16 division on Thanksgiving Day. I missed it.

Things weren’t really out of control until the Cowboys (3-8) fell four points, but they couldn’t convert to fake punts in the first 24 to 4 and 10 of the fourth quarter. Washington scored in the next play.

“If you’re always thinking about negative things, you can’t go anywhere,” McCarthy said when trying to defend the call. “If you don’t call them and believe in them, you can’t obviously hide them. So I clearly understood the situation when it was called.”

Washington then added two touchdowns in eight seconds. This includes defensive end Monte Sweat chips and basically stealing the ball from Andy Dalton for a 15-yard passcut return.

The Cowboys played the day after the death of strength and conditional coordinator Marcus Paul. A 54-year-old former NFL safety and long-time strength coach collapsed in his office at the team’s facility on Tuesday and was then taken to a hospital that the team calls first aid.

“This is a very different week and I never want to experience it. I don’t want to experience death within the organization,” Dalton said. “Marcus has great implications for so many people, and he has influenced so many.”

A silent prayer was seen before Paul’s kick-off, which was his third season with the Cowboys.

“It’s a very disappointing loss,” said linebacker Jaron Smith. “I suffered a tragic, tragic loss at Marcus Paul. He touched so many lives, all our lives and families, and of their nature. We really are of Markus. I wanted to go out for the sake of it, but it was difficult because I couldn’t complete the mission. “

Smith recorded a 43-yard passcut return in the third quarter, but was dragged down at 4 and did not make a touchdown.The· The Cowboys played two plays that lost the yard before the imperfections leading to the field goal.

“I should have scored,” Smith said.

Dallas won in Minnesota four days ago and lost four games in a row. This boosts the wide open NFC East area as all teams set a defeat record in December. The Cowboys are 2-4 at home and have given up at least 34 points in five of those games.

Zack Martin, who was an all-pro four times on the right guard, made his second straight start with a right tackle and injured his left calf at the opening of Dallas Drive. There were four plays after Cameron Irving, a left tackle, was sent off due to a knee injury.

Still, the game was a 10 draw in the second quarter when the Cowboys won 34 to 4 to 1. Dalton’s pass was incomplete and an unnecessary roughness penalty set Washington to 19 for a quick touchdown drive. Stay ahead of them.

Dallas scored a field goal shortly before half-time after turning 4-1 from midfield, but Elliott scored a field goal in Washington in his second play after half-time.

It was the fifth fumble that Elliott lost this year. He has never lost more than once in a year. His sixth fumble was comparable to the height of his career.

Washington (4-7) took over the lead in the NFC East, at least temporarily, before Philadelphia (3-7-1) and the New York Giants (3-7) played this weekend.

The Cowboys have been wiped out in a season series with Washington, but the regular season with the Eagles and Giants is over. They will first go to Baltimore next Thursday before the match between Cincinnati and San Francisco.

“I think everyone understands the state of our department,” McCarthy said. “So reboot and regroup.”


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Heavy Hearts

The Cowboys Strength & Conditioning Coordinator, Marcus Paul, died Wednesday the day after receiving first aid at the team’s facility. Paul, 54, was in his third year on the team. The Cowboys canceled their practice on Tuesday after Paul, a former NFL defensive back, was taken to the hospital. Paul and Washington coach Ron Rivera were Chicago Bears teammates. The Cowboys said the cause of death was pending.


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Cowboys miss a lead opportunity in NFC East at another home loss

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