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COVID Long Island: Nassau County Drives Changes to Beach Capacity Limits

Long Island (WABC)-Nassau County authorities have urged the New York State Department of Health to increase beach capacity to 100%, expanding in a consistent manner with public health and safety protocols. States that it is possible.

As Memorial Day approaches, Nassau County administration Laura Curran says local governments and businesses must spend time planning and preparing for the summer months-50% of their current capacity. Is not enough.

“We are beach people,” Karan said. “We are islanders. It’s in our name, in our DNA.”

It also means income, and with the decline in COVID cases and the increase in the number of vaccinated patients, it’s a good time for Governor Andrew Cuomo to accelerate his choices about the beach rather than delay it. They say.

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“What we don’t want is a situation where we say,’OK, we’re going to open the beach this time,’ but our towns and jurisdictions aren’t ready to do that,” Todd Kaminsky said. State Senator said.

They claim that 50% capacity was achieved at 100% cost, and are asking how companies can make up for it.

“I don’t want to tax residents during the Stone Age,” said John Bend, chairman of the Long Beach City Council.

Business owners like Stacey and Ralph Anselmo, who run beach burger cafes, are just trying to get ready.

“Everything has an expiration date,” said Ralph Anselmu. “So if you order things, order products, and you can’t use it in the right time, you lose that money.”

However, the question remains whether those who go to the beach are prepared for fullness.

“Too many people haven’t been vaccinated, which is a horrifying situation,” said local resident Judy Sarako. “I’m not ready for that.”

Still, some beach regulars say that normality cannot come immediately and can be done safely.

“Get a beach pass for both vaccinated people,” said Donna Sulkas, a beach goer.

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COVID Long Island: Nassau County Drives Changes to Beach Capacity Limits

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