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COVID-19 almost killed partner Susan Micula

Rachel Maddow revealed that her longtime partner Susan Micula became very ill with COVID-19, and they thought “it might kill her.”

MSNBC’s anchor became personal on Thursday night during a live broadcast from home, calling Mikura, 62, “the center of my universe,” recalling the effects of Mikura’s positive coronavirus diagnosis two weeks ago. I did.

“I was absent because Susan had been fed up with COVID for the past few weeks and really thought she could kill her at some point,” Madou explained recently absent from television.

Madou, 47, said he was quarantined, although he tested negative for the bug.

“She got sick more and more, but I tried to take care of her while still physically away from her,” Madou said of her 21-year-old partner, artist and photographer. “And the bottom line is that she’s well, recovered, and still sick, but she’ll be fine.”

Journalists then made a desperate plea to Americans to take the disease seriously this holiday season.

“Tolerable risk, unavoidable risk, statistically … probably not a problem for you and your loved ones, so whatever you have calculated in your life as willing to experience this virus, I Is here to tell you to readjust it, “she said.

“Frankly speaking, the hospital has no room for you anymore, so the country needs to readjust it for you.”

Madou asked viewers to “do whatever they could to prevent it from being obtained,” including rethinking Thanksgiving plans.

“For next week’s Thanksgiving, you’re really going to have it at home without people coming,” she said. “Yeah, that would be terrible, but it would be much less than you or someone would get this and get sick. Believe me.”

COVID-19 almost killed partner Susan Micula

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