Cousin Biden?President recalls potential relatives in India

Bidden Modi Conference (Credit: PMO / Twitter)

According to Arles Lewis, Vice President Kamala Harris is an Indian-American, but can President Joe Biden also claim a connection with India and become a cousin of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

“Are we involved?” Biden jokingly asked Modi, based on his relatives who went to India and settled in Mumbai, after saying that Modi brought documents about his potential relatives. rice field.

At the beginning of the bilateral summit, Prime Minister Modi pointed out that “when I showed him a seat, Indian Americans occupy the seat almost every day. The Vice President’s mother is from India and science. He was a man and a remarkable woman. “

Kamala Harris’ mother, Shamara Goparan Harris, emigrated to the United States and became a cancer researcher.

Biden recalled his possible relatives’ stay, and Modi brought a document about his relatives, Captain George Biden, who may have gone to India as a soldier of the East India Company, which began colonizing India. I told him.

“He apparently stayed and married an Indian woman. And I couldn’t keep track of it. So the whole purpose of this conference is to help him understand me. “Biden said in a laugh.

Modi said: And, in fact, you mentioned it to me earlier. Well, after you told me that, I searched for the document. And today I brought some documents. “

“Maybe we can move this issue forward,” Modi said without offering him foreign citizenship in India.

“Maybe those documents will help you,” he said.

And Biden made the question even more laughable. “Are we involved?”

Looking back at Biden’s story in Mumbai, the president said he received a letter from a man named “Biden” before I swore when he was elected to the Senate as a 29-year-old child in 1972. Finally the name – from Mumbai. “

He said he didn’t follow it up.

When he told the story at a meeting when he visited the Vice President on the Bombay Stock Exchange in 2013, he said, “The Indian media asked me: Do I have relatives in India?” rice field.

“The next morning, after the press conference, the Indian press said. Someone called out and said,’There are five Bidens in India,'” the president said.

Proud of his Irish heritage and keeping in mind the history of Irish British colonialism, he said that his potential relatives at the East India Company were “difficult for Irish people to admit.” ..

Biden recalled when he was Vice President in 2006, he expressed his hope that by 2020, “India and the United States would be one of the closest countries to each other in the world.”

At the beginning of their meeting, Modi in white pajamas Kurta and a dark waistcoat made a Namaste gesture. Biden reached out and hugged Modi.

Cousin Biden?President recalls potential relatives in India

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