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Countdown to 2023: Final preparations for New Year’s Eve in Times Square

New York – Times Square Now fully operational New Year’s Evefor the first time since the pandemic.

More than 100 million Americans will turn their attention to this iconic ball drop in 2023, when crowds gather.

The organizers had practice runs on Friday to make sure everything went smoothly.

New Year’s Eve preparations underway in Times Square


In the 1950s, the ball was stuck due to the use of the rope. But it’s not.

The ball is 12 feet in diameter, weighs 6 tons, and has over 2,000 crystals and 32,000 LED lights to create a stunning gem in the sky.

On Saturday at 6:00 pm, switch on and lift the ball. With 60 seconds to midnight, the countdown begins.

“The secret is, yes, it takes two minutes to go up and see the whole thing. But when the ball comes down, it only goes halfway. And you’re just sitting under the numbers until the next morning,” said Jeff Strauss, co-host of Times Square New Year’s Eve. “Even the ball needs a break.”

It was New Year’s Eve and Times Square was already packed with people.

“I just want to get a feel for the atmosphere before the ball drops and see how everyone is enjoying it,” said Kahlil Ayyash.

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NYE Ball practices in Times Square


Emily Curran, a teacher in Chicago, welcomes the New Year with her son, Robert.

“We’re probably up at dawn, aren’t we?” she said.

“Crack at Dawn?” asked CBS2’s Jennifer Bislam.

“Yes,” said Karan.

“When do you go to the bathroom? How?” asked Bisram.

“I don’t know. I think you need to wear diapers,” Karan said with a laugh.

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Libby Jackson and her son Devin traveled from Florida.

“We’ve heard it’s going to be a brutal wait, but we’re here to wait,” she said.

Barricades were removed on Friday and preparations are underway.

New Year’s Eve security briefing


With one million people expected to land at the crossroads of the world, NYPD members are working hard to keep everyone safe.roads in the area It will also be closed to traffic.

Mayor Eric Adams and Police Commissioner Keychant Sewell held a press conference Friday afternoon to assure New Yorkers that large parties in Times Square are safe.

“Thousands of uniformed police officers are in addition to the many who are assigned to regular duties patrolling our neighborhoods across the streets, subways and housing estates. You’ll see police officers who have been robbed and enjoy these festivals,” Sewell said.

On Thursday, organizers threw multi-colored confetti into the air. A small preview of what’s to come On New Year’s Eve with 3,000 pounds of rain.

With no COVID protocols this year, it will be one big party.

However, there are a few things audiences should be aware of. There are no restrooms, and bags, lawn chairs, and umbrellas are not allowed despite calls for rain. Countdown to 2023: Final preparations for New Year’s Eve in Times Square

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