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Coronavirus News: Vaccines and treatments are advancing as US cases reach 12 million and 900 died last week

New York (WABC)-A new US vaccine may come to rescue soon.

The numbers represent a tough story, with nearly 900 Americans dying last week.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of COVID cases in the United States has been up to 12 million.

On Friday, Pfizer applied for an emergency license from the FDA for the vaccine.

Moderna will be submitted by the end of the month.

However, there are concerns in the medical industry that many Americans do not want to be vaccinated.

On Saturday, the FDA granted an emergency permit for Regeneron.

When President Trump was diagnosed with the coronavirus last month, an antibody cocktail was given to President Trump.

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Cuomo: “Staten Island is a serious problem.”
Governor Andrew Cuomo says Staten Island is a serious problem and is heading to the Red Zone in some parts. “We are facing hospital capacity issues on Staten Island,” he said. In addition, Cuomo said he believes that parts of Upper Manhattan and Long Island will enter the Yellow Zone soon this week.

Thanksgiving Travel TSA
This week’s CDC’s new guidance advises Americans not to travel for Thanksgiving holidays, but daily figures show that the TSA processed 1,019,836 passengers on Friday. This is the second highest number since March 17th (1,031,505 passengers were screened on October 18th). Still, more than 1.5 million passengers have decreased since the same day a year ago. “The safest way to celebrate Thanksgiving is to celebrate it with the people you live with at home,” the CDC said.

Long Island High School goes completely remote
Freeport High School will transition to full distance learning on November 23rd Monda and November 24th Tuesday due to COVID positive cases. The Nassau County Health Department tracks and notifies you of your contacts.

When the positive rate exceeds 3%, the state makes a school decision, Cuomo says.
Governor Andrew Cuomo said schools in New York could be reopened as long as the seven-day average is less than 3%. In New York City, public schools were closed because the city reported a positive rate of over 3%. However, according to state indicators, the school is still open. He also gave the local government a thumbs up to make a school decision, as long as the positive rate was less than 3%. However, he said, if state calculations show a city-wide positive rate of over 3%, state regulation will take over.

FDA permits emergency use of Regeneron antibody drugs
U.S. health officials allow emergency use of secondary antibody drugs on Saturday to help the immune system fight COVID-19, an experimental drug given to President Donald Trump when he got sick last month. I agreed.

Flight COVID test
Three COVID tests before and after boarding an international flight-it is recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the agency, the first test should return negative 1-3 days before the trip. The same procedure is proposed for the return trip. The third test should be done 3-5 days after returning home, even after overseas travelers give negative results, and authorities have proposed a week of quarantine.

NYC SME owners hold a rally
The number of cases continues to grow and the latest regulations may come into effect early next week. The businesses most likely to be affected by it are restaurants and other small businesses, which are already struggling to stay open. Many are expected to meet on Sunday for help.
Most infections are spread by asymptomatic people: CDC
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have determined that most coronavirus infections are spread by asymptomatic people. The results of these findings were published on the agency’s website on Friday. According to the CDC, 24% of spreads are from asymptomatic people, while 41% are from people experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. The remaining one-third comes from people who are thought to be presymptomatic.

Know the NYCCOVID zone
You can find your COVID zone at

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Coronavirus News: Vaccines and treatments are advancing as US cases reach 12 million and 900 died last week

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