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Cops dispatched to Jewish community in New York City after threats

Mayor Adams said police were dispatched to Jewish communities and places of worship on Friday in response to threats against synagogues in New Jersey.

“There are currently no credible threats to New York City synagogues, but vigilance will increase the police presence in Jewish communities and places of worship,” Adams said early Friday. said on Twitter.

“We continue to monitor threats to New Jersey synagogues and stand ready to assist our neighbors in any way we can.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation warned Thursday that it had “credible information regarding widespread threats to New Jersey synagogues.”

But that alarm went off late Friday morning, and the agency found the man making the threats and determined “he no longer poses a danger to the community,” the agency reported. The FBI Newark office tweeted.

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Law enforcement officials in New Jersey and the FBI declined to comment on Friday whether any arrests had been made.

However, the man who believed he was responsible for the threats was questioned by the FBI and told agents he was angry with Jews and had been bullied in the past.

Before news broke that the man had been identified and questioned, the New York Police Department issued a statement saying it was aware of a “widespread threat to New Jersey synagogues.”

“The NYPD Intelligence Service and Counterterrorism Service, in collaboration with the Joint Counterterrorism Office and the FBI, are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of all communities, including Jewish citizens and synagogues here in New York City and the three-state area. We are working hard,” the department said on Twitter.

FILE - A NYPD officer stands at the door of the Union Temple in Brooklyn in 2018.

A series of disturbing incidents has raised concerns that anti-Semitism is becoming a mainstream of American life.

Brooklyn Nets Thursday Suspended Guard Kyrie Irving At least five bouts were unpaid for his continued refusal to disavow anti-Semitism.

Mayor Adams said, “We must never ignore the recent and insidious rise of blatant anti-Semitism, fueled by voices of bigotry and intolerance that spread vicious lies and hatred.” “We have to face it. We keep the Jewish community safe.” Cops dispatched to Jewish community in New York City after threats

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