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Congressman apologizes for saying Biden won’t run in 2024

a New York A congressman seeking control of one of the state’s newly drawn districts Joe Biden Will run for re-election in 2024.

Carolyn MaloneyHe is one of two incumbents vying with another progressive challenger for a seat in the Manhattan Congress next presidential cycle.

“I don’t think he’s running for re-election,” Maloney said at the time.

Another incumbent on stage, Jerry Nadler, dodged the question somewhat, saying that Democrats were unhelpful in discussing such things before the midterm elections. It’s too early,” he said, suggesting he doubts Biden’s commitment to rerun. When asked if Biden should run in his 2024 run, his third nominee on stage, Suraj Patel, was the only person to simply say yes.

Two days later, the congressman revealed her remarks to reporters.

Maloney first tried to tone down his reaction Wednesday in a statement addressed to CNN’s MJ Lee.i support him but i don’t have [any] another comment. ”

But apparently that wasn’t enough and she appeared on CNN’s show on Thursday. new day, where she addressed Mr. Biden directly. It happens that you don’t run, but when you run, when you run, I am 100 percent there. ”

Despite Biden’s press team and the president himself repeatedly insisting that he run for re-election in 2024, a nasty double-down has occurred. If Mr. Biden wins four more terms, he will be 82 years old in January 2025, making him much older. He takes the oath of office more than anyone else.

Debate on the issue is taking place as many Democrats begin to publicly call for a “generational change” in their party’s leadership, solidifying their positions at the top of the House, Senate, and Senate. and a not-so-subtle dig into baby boomers holding onto it. White House.

Maloney and Nadler are considered sharp rivals and have even thrashed each other in the media. The two are evenly matched in the primary.

Congressman apologizes for saying Biden won’t run in 2024

Source link Congressman apologizes for saying Biden won’t run in 2024

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