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Davos, Switzerland (AP) — More than two years have passed since the coronavirus pandemic alienated business gurus, political leaders and aspiring activists from Davos, the hub of the elite annual rally in the Swiss Alps. ..I have There is no shortage of urgent problems To work at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting.

With their high ambitions to help improve the state of the world, forum organizers are cutting out their work for them: Soaring food and fuel pricesRussian war in Ukraine, Climate change, Africa’s drought and food shortageYawning inequality between the rich and the poor, and dictatorships in some places-in addition to the signs that the pandemic isn’t over yet.

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It is difficult to predict whether a nifty debate will result in a substantive announcement that will advance the world’s most pressing challenges.

The War in Ukraine It will be an important theme. President Volodymyr Zelensky will speak in a video from Kieu on the first day of Monday, attended by a considerable delegation of the country’s foreign minister and other Ukrainian top executives. This week will be attended by leaders such as German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz, US Climate Envoy John Kelly, NATO Secretary-General Jensstrutenberg, and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

“There is no business as usual,” Forum President Borge Brende told The Associated Press that Ukraine was not the only concern. “It’s also climate change. This very weak recovery is a new recession, as global growth is slowing and ammunition is very limited to fight the new recession. You must avoid ending with. “

“The new recession will lead to increased unemployment and increased poverty,” he added. “Many things are at stake.”

President Vladimir Putin’s war means that Russian business and political leaders have not been invited to Davos this year. For the night fun elite attendees, there is no traditional “Russian House” social event with caviar and vodka spreads.

Instead, critics, especially those including Ukrainian tycoon Victor Pinchuk and the State Ministry of Foreign Affairs, have seized some symbolism and expressed disgust shared by many around the world. I swore.

“Russia is not in Davos this year, but the crime is not overlooked. The” Russian War Crimes House “will take place inside the former Russian House,” the organizer of the renamed venue said in a press release.

Opening on Monday, the venue will showcase photographs of crimes and atrocities allegedly perpetuated by Russian troops. Some victims, including Anatolii Fedork, mayor of Bucha, a town near Kieu, say. Image of civilian murder I got angry all over the world.

“It’s important to understand what’s really happening in Ukraine,” said Bjorn Geldhof, artistic director of the Pinchuk Art Center, who helps organize the exhibition. “Part of this exhibition is also to bring the human face back to those who were victims of these Russian war crimes.”

“With Russia breaking international and humanitarian law and not sticking to the Charter of the United Nations,” Brende, chairman of the forum, said many CEOs and other business leaders have shown how the private sector can support Ukraine. He says he will consider it.

Not everyone believes that Davos is the place to find a solution.

Dozens of anti-capitalist demonstrators marching behind the “Smash WEF” flag clashed with police in Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich. Police used rubber bullets and pepper spray to disperse the crowd to what was considered an unauthorized rally.

Ukraine will get attention on the first day of the meeting, Climate and environmental issues Forums are as focused on future challenges as they are on the present, so they are a recurring theme.

One-third of the approximately 270 panel discussions to the finale on Thursday will be due to extreme weather events, efforts to reach “net zero” emissions, and climate change or the discovery of new, cleaner energy sources on the agenda. Focus on its impact.

Forum managers, faced with criticisms about hosting wealthy executives who may even jump into the jets of companies that increase emissions, will increasingly play their part and inoculate themselves against hypocrisy accusations. In the last five years, they say they have offset 100% carbon emissions from the organization’s activities by supporting environmental projects.

Experts say offsets can be an issue because there is no guarantee that emissions will be reduced.

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Conflicting climate, Davos’ return after COVID has a perfect plate | Government. & Politics

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