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New York (CBSNewYork) — New York City schools are preparing for a major test as New York City’s vaccine obligations come into effect in just a few days.

All employees of the Ministry of Education must get first COVID-19 (New Coronavirus Infection) There is a risk of being shot or losing work by Monday.

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There is also a concern that it will lead to a shortage of teachers.

As Andrea Grymes of CBS2 reported on Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio The city said it was in good shape, but the teachers union said it had no emergency response plans for next week.

“Hopefully they will all be here on Monday,” said parent Eddie Venegas.

Venice has high expectations for the staff of 17 public schools, a daughter’s school in Astoria.

COVID vaccine

All City Education Department employees must have at least one COVID vaccine Taken by 5 pm on Monday, Or the risk of losing their job..

“Even if there is a shortage of staff, it is better than some people in our school who are not vaccinated,” said Venice.

The teachers union said it encouraged members to be vaccinated, but called on the mayor that there was no emergency response plan for potential staffing issues next week.

Michael Marguerite, chairman of United Teachers Federation, said that currently about 6,000 of the 120,000 members remain unvaccinated.

“On Tuesday, is there a school with 150 children in an auditorium with two teachers because the city isn’t properly prepared?” Mulgroo asked.

Brooklyn City Council member and Board of Education Chairman Mark Trager also expressed concern on Twitter.

“Hearing from DOE’s central staff, it is said that many will be relocated to school to address the expected staff shortage next week, but whether they need to be taught or not. Unknown. They may only supervise. In addition, schools anticipate disruptions to school lunch and cleaning services, “Treyger writes.

“We have thousands of vaccinated and experienced substitute teachers. That’s a clear first line of trust. But the central staff has thousands of educators and needs. It’s also true that there are certified educators who can take on different roles depending on the situation, “says Debrassio.

Wednesday night The judge ruled in favor of the cityAllows the delegation of vaccines to proceed for now after the UFT and other unions have filed proceedings.

“I think the reality we are seeing now is that the overwhelming majority of our educators and staff will move forward with their first dose on Monday,” said De Blasio.

Coronavirus pandemic

Upon returning to Astoria, many parents told Grymes that they were in favor of the mission that was taken over three weeks before school began.

“I’m interested in staff shortages, but more in life,” said grandparents Rob Patterson.

“I understand, but I’m just told that I need to be vaccinated by a certain date, and I don’t have much time or notice, so I understand why they’re upset. Everyone should be vaccinated, “said parent Jason Green.

The principal’s union called on the city to postpone the deadline for delegation.

In response, DOE said: “The majority of our employees are vaccinated and that number will continue to grow over the next few days. Last week we vaccinated 7,000 times on a school campus in the city and thousands of new teachers. We hired staff and secured a large number of qualified workers to fill in as needed. “

Meanwhile, New York Governor Kathy Hochul She said the state was ready for Monday to begin enforcement Vaccine deadline for healthcare professionals..

The governor said Thursday that he was informing other countries about the possibility of backup. Her administration is already discussing temporary visas with the State Department.

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“Many nurses hire temporary workers from places like the Philippines where they go elsewhere. When I sat down where I am, I literally had this conversation with the Irish Prime Minister,” she said. Told. “Everyone I’m talking to says,’Are there any healthcare professionals we can take over?'”

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Editor’s Note: This story first appeared on September 23, 2021.

Concerned about potential staffing issues as vaccine deadlines approach NYC Teachers Union – CBS New York

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