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College sisters die in Suffolk County summer rental fire

Noyak, New York — A deadly fire broke out early Wednesday morning while the family was asleep. Investigators say the two sisters were unable to find a way out.

Tragedy unfolded on the edge of beautiful Noyac Bay. Suffolk Countyin a house rented as a prized summer vacation spot, reported CBS2’s Jennifer Macrogan.

Sadly, the family, revered for their intelligence and generosity, are in mourning.

At 3:35 a.m., a family with parents on the first floor and three children on the second floor were asleep when glass exploded and flames spewed out near the kitchen, spreading the flames, rescuers said. said. Her two sisters, students at the University of Michigan and Tulane University, were confined.

“One is 19 and the other is 21. Two were taken to the hospital in cardiac arrest. CPR is underway. When the two women arrived at the hospital, they were Treatment continued.Unfortunately, the two girls have died.Go away,” said Southampton Police Lieutenant Inspector Susan Ralph.

My brother, who was in another bedroom, managed to save his life by jumping from the second floor. Attempts by his parents to re-enter were hampered by thick smoke and a crackling hot fire.

Daughters Gillian and Lindsay Weiner never made it. Her parents, Luis and Alisa, and their son, Zachary, were hospitalized with burn injuries.

A family from Potomac, Maryland rented a summer home in Noyack, a picturesque hamlet between the village of Southampton and Sag Harbour, as a family retreat.

Local tourists responded.

“We’re actually renting a house too, so it’s like staying close to home,” said Vadim Saltzberg of Pennsylvania.

Christine Salzberg added: “It’s very scary. I can’t imagine it. I never thought I would come here to have a good time.”

Hulls is from South Carolina.

“We rent Airbnb all the time. We haven’t been here, but yeah, just assume everything will be safe and great.

The home’s owner’s family were volunteer firefighters and were responding to the deadly fire. Police and firefighters gathered at the scene. The first responders were overcome by loss.

The exact cause of the fire has been identified. The lead investigator said it was nothing suspicious, just a horrific summer tragedy.

Fire officials said the house had smoke detectors, but it’s unclear if they worked as designed.

Thousands of volunteers from all over the Hamptons bravely fought to save lives.

College sisters die in Suffolk County summer rental fire

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