CNN Panel blames Joe Biden after petrol tax holidays overwhelm top Democrats

CNN panelists will be President Biden on Thursday National Gasoline Tax Holiday Dealing with record highs seemed to overwhelm the top lawmakers in his own party.

CNN’s anchor, John King, is one of several top Democrats, including Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), House Majority Leader Stenny Heuer (D-Md.), And Biden’s ally Sen. The discussion began, noting that the members “panned and rejected” this idea. .Chris Coons (D-Del.).

“Can you help me here? The Democratic president, his party is in trouble. He is in trouble in the year of the election,” King said. “He has a major policy announcement, and his own party throws it away within seconds.”

Pelosi disagreed with Biden’s proposal and instead said he would “see where the consensus is on the road ahead” for petrol tax leave. Both Hoyer and Coons questioned whether this proposal could get enough votes in Congress.

Mediaite first reported About the explanation of the CNN panel.

Jackie Kucinich, a political analyst at CNN, agreed, noting that it’s strange that the Biden administration hasn’t reached an agreement with top Democrats in advance.

Top Democrats were reluctant to think of a petrol tax holiday.

“It seems that two people should have done it, like they would do this by calling their friend Chris Coons, who is basically a whisper of Biden on the hill,” Kusinich said. Said. “But listen. Some Democrats have expressed concern that this could hurt the Highway Trust shortly after passing all of these infrastructure projects.”

“Also, there is no guarantee that oil companies will pass on their savings to consumers, and there are many Democrats who say they are responsible for all of this,” Kusinich added. “I don’t know if there was a misunderstanding or what it was, but it seems that this White House wants to do something to lower the price of the pump, or at least they are trying to do something. it is clear.”

King added that Biden’s “calling card” while running for president was his ability to “get things done” in terms of policy.

CNN Anchor John King
CNN anchor John King suggested that the lack of support was embarrassing for Biden.
Gas price
Gasoline prices have skyrocketed to a national average of about $ 5 per gallon.
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“This is the number one problem for Americans. Inflation and gas prices are a big part of it,” King said. “Isn’t it embarrassing for the President of the United States to say’away’right out of the box?”

Olivienox, a national political correspondent at the Washington Post, responded by pointing out that former President Barack Obama, Vice President of Biden, was in the record of accusing the concept of a petrol tax holiday as a “gimmick” in 2008.

“It’s not great for this White House to find a video of Barack Obama who despises the idea of ​​reducing petrol taxes in a three-second internet search. It’s not great for them,” Knox said. I did. “So the Democrats who oppose this proposal have some muscular memory.”

President Biden
President Biden is calling for a three-month suspension of the gasoline tax.
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Critics argued that petrol tax holidays would do little to address the underlying problem. As the post reportedBrian Cornell, Target CEO, pointed out that this idea could further exacerbate prices by increasing demand.

Biden called on Congress The federal gas tax will be suspended for three months as part of efforts to lower prices soaring to reach record highs.

“By suspending the 18-cent federal gas tax for the next 90 days, we can lower gas prices and give families a little more relief,” Biden said Wednesday.

CNN Panel blames Joe Biden after petrol tax holidays overwhelm top Democrats

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