Clubhouse is no longer invitation-only

Clubhouse, a live audio app, said Wednesday that it had removed the invitation system to allow anyone to join the platform.

A social app that previously saw explosive early growth during the COVID-19 pandemic Must be invited by an existing user or requested to join the waiting list.. In a blog post, he always planned to open the app, but said invitations were a way to reduce user numbers.

club house Faced with new competition From social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and streaming company Spotify Launched a similar audio chat service..

“We know that as we grow, there will be more ups and downs and more competition with larger networks,” the company wrote in a post.

Clubhouse says it has added 10 million people since it was released on Android in May. Analyst Sensor Tower estimates that global app installs in June rose from 3.7 million last month to about 7.8 million.

The company, which said the team had grown from eight to 58 from January, launched direct messaging capabilities last week.

Clubhouse is no longer invitation-only

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