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Cloud-based services are a ‘game changer’, says Microsoft chief Satya Nadella

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]January 3 (ANI): Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft, said that inherently energy-efficient cloud-based services are a “game changer” and that such technology He said hiring will continue to increase.

Currently in India, Nadella spoke today at the Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit in Mumbai. He also plans to visit New Delhi and Bangalore.

“Cloud-native applications (native-to-intermediate) haven’t started yet…By 2025, most applications everyone builds will actually be built on the efficient frontier of the cloud net.” “It will be like this,” said Nadella.

“If you move to the cloud, for example, you will be 70-80% more energy efficient. If you want to be more energy efficient in any workload, the first thing you should do is move to the cloud.” By migrating to the cloud where we are, we can defy the demand cycle,” added Nadella.

Cloud-based services are the foundation for expanding India’s digital journey. Microsoft innovates across the board to support a national ecosystem of developers, startups, and companies across industries.

Microsoft has been operating in India for over 32 years.

While conversing with top business leaders at the Microsoft Future Ready Leadership Summit, Nadella discussed the need for digitization in all organizations and how the Microsoft cloud can drive innovation, generate broader economic advances, and expand business in India. We emphasized that we could accelerate growth.

“Our mission is to enable every individual and every organization on the planet to achieve more, and ultimately our success should be measured by achieving that mission. said Nadella, sharing his vision for a technology-enabled India.

“Simply put, I say we should do well only when the world around us is doing well. Even this trip to India where I am learning has been one of the most amazing things For one, it’s not just what’s happening in the major cities — it’s what’s happening in every city in the country, and how digital is playing a role.

Nadella also highlighted how organizations large and small across India are transforming with the power of Microsoft technology stacks and solutions. (Ani) Cloud-based services are a ‘game changer’, says Microsoft chief Satya Nadella

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