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City of Philadelphia Files Lawsuit Against Two Ghost Gun Manufacturers

Thursday, July 6, 2023 at 1:37 am

Philadelphia Sues Again Against Two Ghost Gun Manufacturers

Philadelphia – Philadelphia city officials announced Wednesday that they have filed lawsuits against two ghost gun manufacturers.

The lawsuit names JSD Supply and Polymer 80. Both advertise to sell gun parts, which officials say anyone can buy to make guns.

In the 60-page lawsuit, the city alleges that the company does not perform any required background checks and ships parts to Philadelphia addresses without verifying the identity or age of the person buying the parts. there is

Mayor Jim Kenny said at a press conference Wednesday that “manufacturers tried to avoid liability by claiming they were selling parts, not guns. But the gun kits they sell could be sold to virtually anyone in minutes. We can put it together,” he said.

The city saw a 300% increase in the number of ghost guns used in crime in the last four years. In 2019, 95 were used. In 2020, that number has increased to 250 he. By 2021, it will double to 571 guns. By 2022, the number of ghost guns used in crimes has soared to 575. So far in 2023, 292 guns have been used in crimes. Monday shooting at Kingseth.

“One was an AR-15 and the other was a 9mm. We confirmed through our lab that both of those weapons were civilian firearms,” ​​said deputy investigator Frank Banois. said.

Investigators have yet to identify the person who manufactured the firearm.

The city’s lawsuits were in the works long before the shooting that killed five people. City officials said they are seeking monetary damages and injunctive relief from the manufacturer. They said the lawsuit was about Philadelphia civil liberties.

“Kingsesthing neighbors and people on the other side of the city don’t have the freedom to walk to the shops at night because idiots have guns and are shooting indiscriminately there,” said City Council Speaker Darrell Clark. said Mr.

Action News reached out to both manufacturers for comment. A JSD representative said he was unaware of the lawsuit. Polymer 80 did not react. The manufacturer has been sued by other cities. Polymer 80 just settled a lawsuit with Los Angeles for $5 million.


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