Chinese FM visits Japan to discuss viruses and local concerns

Tokyo (AP)-Japanese Foreign Minister announced on Friday that his Chinese counterparts will visit Tokyo next week to discuss ways to revive a pandemic-stricken economy and regional concerns about China’s growing influence. ..

Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi said, “There are various concerns during the day, and it is important to resolve them one by one through such high-level meetings.” “I would like to openly exchange views on regional issues, the global spread of the coronavirus pandemic, and other international issues.”

China’s Foreign Ministers Wang Yi and Motegi ranked second and third in the world through a “business track” program that allows visitors to engage in limited business during their visit from November 24th to 25th. It is hoped that we will discuss the resumption of business trips between the economies of China. Activities during the 14-day quarantine period. Japan has recently launched such an arrangement with South Korea and Vietnam.

Mr. Mogi pointed out that the number of Chinese tourists exceeded the number of Japanese tourists before the pandemic occurred, and said he would like to discuss how to resume the trip while taking preventive measures against illness.

The two countries now, because of the focus on the fight against the pandemic, he said not to consider the rescheduling of the official visit of Xi Jinping Jintao, which was postponed from the spring because of the pandemic.

Relations between the two countries are tense over territorial disputes and wartime history.

This visit takes place amid growing concerns due to China’s growing influence in the region.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison meets with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga this week to agree to strengthen military partnerships and cooperation to promote peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region to counter the rise of China. did.

The two countries, along with the United States and India, are trying to attract Southeast Asian countries to cooperate, but Beijing has criticized it as an attempt to form an “Asia NATO” to counter China.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato said on Friday that the vision known as “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” is not aimed at any particular country and “will be achieved by working with countries that share their views.” I told the group.

During the visits of Mr. Wang and Mr. Suga, Mr. Mogi is arranging the first meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister by China’s top executives since the February visit of China’s foreign policy director Yang Jiechi. Said.


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Chinese FM visits Japan to discuss viruses and local concerns

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